Why do some routers take forever to access the configuration?

By Healer ·
I have experienced with Netgear routers, so far all with built-in wireless access point. Most of the time they wouldn't let me in. It keeps saying waiting for response. With some of them it would help if I reset the router. It seems that the router would respond if it is not long after reset.

The router in my office used to have such problem, now the problem never happens again. I wonder if it is because I often access the configuration.

I would love to hear comments.

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It's more likely to do with how you access it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why do some routers take ...

If you use Wireless it's going to be slower and it may even drop out depending on the quality of the Signal it's Strength and any Security that is involved.

If you use a Wired Connection it should give you faster access and also after you update most Domestic Routers to newer Firmware you generally need to reconfigure them.


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Couple of variables

by robo_dev In reply to Why do some routers take ...

Is security enabled? If not, your connection is being shared with twelve of your closest friends.

Is there a complex configuration in the device like lots of fancy firewall rules? Those can bog it down. Especially older devices that have less processing power.

Is the real issue with your workstation? Such as if it's slow in general.

Are you connecting via wireless or wired ethernet? Wireless will be slower.

Are there multiple routers within radio-range or each other, all on the same channel?

Then your workstation is flip-flopping between access points, which can be very very slow.

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