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    Why do some tracks play loudly and others are barely audible?


    by malikjaru ·

    I have been using Windows Media Player to do things like rip cds at 320kbps and to manage my music collection. I also have a bunch of mp3 files that I used Sound Taxi to convert from Rhapsody files. The problem is that when I play the songs on my player or, even more so in my car, some songs have a very good volume when listening and others I have to turn my stereo all the way up to the limit to try to get the same sound volume. It’s really annoying and I just want to perfect my collection by eliminating this issue. Is there a program that will allow me to select all of my collection at once and turn up the volume qualities on all of my music files so when I play them in my car, they are all nice and loud? In case I have confused anyone, the scenario that occurs is that I can listen to one song in my car with the stereo turned up to 23 and it sounds pretty loud. Then I play another song and I have to turn my stereo to the max at 35 to get it to sound like the previous track did at 23. I really hope someone can help with this because it is driving me crazy!

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