Why do we see a> even when booting from CD.

By desidud ·
while we boot from HD we see C promt.
while booting from floppy we see A prompt &
when booting from bootable CD we still see A prompt...why so?

i have 4 partitions labelled as C,D,E,F & G(dvd rw). when trying to change driver letter of any of the drive by going to administrative tools & then to computer management, then using disk management i never see letters 'A' & 'B', why so?

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Because somebody assigned the a: drive to the CDROM

by ManiacMan In reply to Why do we see a:\> even w ...

If you lack a floppy drive, it's possible to do because the A: and B: drive letters are available for use.

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by willcomp In reply to Why do we see a:\> even w ...

When you boot from a CD that uses floppy emulation (very common) the prompt is an A:> prompt. If CD ROM drivers are loaded on boot, you can change to the "normal" drive letter (d: enter).

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what if i dont need it?

by desidud In reply to Emulation

what is the need of having an A prompt? what if i dont need an A prompt while booting from CD? say i need X prompt, is it possible?

how to create a bootable CD using floppy emulation?

& can i create bootable CD that doesnt emulate floppy so that i dont get an A propmt. creating bootable CD without floppy emulation?

actually i have no problems with any letter as a prompt but just this thought came across my mind & was hoping someone can ans it.

have got some answers but not satisfactory.

pls do ans some of the above ans.


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Are the CDs

by IC-IT In reply to what if i dont need it?

loading a RAM drive? Often they load some executables into a RAM drive to allow the running of utilities.
edited to add; What do you get when you do

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didnt get it

by desidud In reply to Are the CDs

didnt get it what u trying to ask/say...kindly explain in detail pls.

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When at the a> prompt....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to didnt get it

what do you get when you type DIR at the prompt and press enter?

It would look like this on your screen:

a>DIR [press enter]

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Brief Answer

by willcomp In reply to what if i dont need it?

Create bootable CD using Nero or Easy Media Creator.

Can assign any drive letter to CD drive by editing config.sys and autoexec.bat lines that load driver.

Can change to CD drive in autoexec.bat producing a prompt that uses CD drive letter.

For any more info, I need a good reason other than you are curious and want someone else to waste their time instead of you using yours to find out.

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will try it

by desidud In reply to Brief Answer

k, will try to create a bootable myself instead of eating up everyone's brain & getting all irritated.

tnx for lettin know that it can be edited in config.sys,autoexec.bat..will try to google it.

& no, thr aint no "problem" as such & i do know how to execute DOS commands if not all atleast some of the common one's.

tnx willcomp for ur input,tnx all.

well anymore details provided is always welcome. increasing my knowledge u can say & NOT eating up others time.


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I didn't install the OS or setup the BIOS on your computer

by ComputerCookie In reply to Why do we see a:\> even w ...

SO, tell me what is the problem, what are the specs of your system?

If you don't know how to execute a simple DOS command, why are you asking these questions at all?

See your local PC tech. He maybe able to answer you?

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