why does a photo come in as a CID file?

By luv2bike2 ·
When a friend sends a photo from her MS Outlook Exchange account to several friends, there are two of them that get a file that says XXXXX.CID and can NOT see the photo, everyone else CAN, however if the friend sends the photo from her IPhone (which is connected to her MS Outlook Exchange account) to her friends, these two friends CAN open/see the photo. it is all too weird. Does anyone know why this is happening and what can be done to fix it.
Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. :)

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What is the photo Format to begin with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why does a photo come in ...

And what are her fiends using to collect their E Mail?

This sounds like a specific Software issue that is occurring here but without knowing what is being used it's hard to say Why this is happening.


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why jpg turn into cid file extensions

by luv2bike2 In reply to why does a photo come in ...

they photos are jpg and one friend has Comcast and is opening up her email through Outlook (i believe Express) and the other is using Outlook (I believe 2010). the one using OUtlook 2010 is on the same network and Outlook version as the one who is sending out the pictures. I get the same email with the photos and have no problem the pictures come in as jpg. I open my messages through Hotmail.

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Have you tried simply renaming the extension?

by seanferd In reply to why does a photo come in ...

It could be that the attachment was embedded (base-64 text-encoded), and a CID (content ID) was used, but the filename was parsed incorrectly by the receiving email client.

Tis also might be done by security settings in the email client, or Exchange server if present. Could also possibly be done by the ESP depending on user and/or default settings for the ESP.

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not all pictures come in CID

by luv2bike2 In reply to why does a photo come in ...

the two friends who receive the CID files have also received pictures with the jpgs extension from the mutual friend when she sends out through her computer, so not all pictures come in with a CID extension. I will have them rename the pictures to jpg the next time a picture comes in with the CID and see what happens. I will also check the security settings for one of them to see if the ESP needs any adjusting. i will post back as soon as i can.
thanks for your help, Seanferd and Col.

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forwarded from my email to friend

by luv2bike2 In reply to why does a photo come in ...

Yesterday, my friend sent out pictures and a video to me and one of the friends that is having a problem receiving pictures. I received them fine, the other friend did not, i was wrong in my first posting that the extension was CID, the extension is jpg, this is what she gets in her email:


it is just text, its like the picture was not included or the email was replied to and not forwarded, (which it was forwarded)
I forwarded the email to this friend and she was able to view the pictures and video.

This friend has no problem receiving pictures from anyone else just this one person and at that, sometimes she gets the pictures. it is random on when the picture come through and when they don't.

any help is greatly appreciated.


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Attach the pictures only.

by seanferd In reply to why does a photo come in ...

Do not embed them in the email.

The problem could be nearly anywhere, from Outlook (or Outlook Express, which is not Outlook at all) settings to the ESPs. They can always be zipped and attached as well.

If a recipient who gets the broken email saves the email as an .eml file to the Desktop, is it of a size expected if it contained images, or very small, as one would expect of a text file? If the size is small, the images are not being received at all, but stripped out somewhere.

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