Why does Access 2010 hang or stop responding everytime I create a report?

By Crestit ·

I hope that someone can help me resolve this issue. I work primarily with the Microsoft Office Access program and have been using Access 2003 for the last few years. I recently decided to upgrade to 2010. Before upgrading I downloaded the trial version to test it out. I found that with the trial version that Access would hang or stop responding everytime I used anything to do with reports. I initially assumed it was to do with it being a trial and shrugged it off.

I have since upgraded my machine with MS Office Professional 2010 but I am still having the same problem. It takes me hours to complete a report and modify it in design view. It is so frustrating! I am even considering going back to 2003 but I really like 2010 and its features. I have put it on an XP machine as well as Windows 7 but the same problem persists.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem.

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Could be related to the printer and fonts you have selected

by robo_dev In reply to Why does Access 2010 hang ...

Many MS Office products, including Access, depend a whole lot on the printer and fonts that are being used, so by simply using a built-in Windows font versus a printer font, results may be very different.

Another 'gotcha' can be embedded graphics, as sometimes a user may add a small high-resolution company logo to a report, but it's making each page be something like 10 megabytes, which slows the editing and printing to a crawl.

In general, most MS Office Apps maintain at least three file locations where they store your data file, temporary files, auto-recover files, and even the 'lock' file for the Access database. If the application is misconfigured, such that the temp files are being written to a LAN folder, or the user has read-only access to the folder, weird things can happen.

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