Why does everyone's SQL DB connection timeout at the same time every day?

By davidb ·
Last thursday night we used Symantec Backup Exec System recovery to move an entire server to new hardware. We moved from HP G3, to a G5. We installed the latest PSP and everything seems to work fine. All devices are detected. There have been no errors in ANY of the event logs. However it seems that every day around 3:15pm all our users get a database timeout from an order system application they use and they have to exit and reenter the system. We have users across the country and it times out everyone in SQL. What could be causing this? It is SQL 2000. 1 Problem we did have is that it configured the server for DHCP and we had to change it to the correct IP address when it was first moved to new hardware. We checked WINS and DNS and made sure everything is up to date and accurate. For the most part it is business as usual but for the last few days everyone gets a SQL connection timeout at about 3:15pm each day and they have to reenter the order system application.

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Did you fixed it? Are U backing up, maintenance, reidx?

by medbiller In reply to Why does everyone's SQL D ...

If you haven't fixed it then you must have scheduled some time consuming task @ 3:15pm like backing up, re-indexing, buklk loading data, etc.

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We get this also

by jbaass In reply to Why does everyone's SQL D ...

We get this also daily at two sites HP ML370G5 and ML110G2. One a 5 user, one a 30user. Each machine gets General Network Error or Communications Link Failure around the 4:30 - 5pm mark each day. Driving us mad. Why? Anyone have an idea. No SQL job is running, nothing scheduled.
One site uses Sohpos, one uses McAffee. Both SBS2003. (Win2003, SQL2000)

Would appreciate ANY comments. Thanks

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