Why does Excel 2007 open in Read Only mode?

By Dark Crusader ·
This is horrible if it's by design, so please let me know if there is a fix or if this is also what others are experiencing:

An Excel 2007 xlsx file is created. An Excel 2003 user, with the 2007 compatibility pack installed, can open the file and view the contents but the file is opening in read only mode and the file name changes to something temporary like "X1000001.xls (read only)". This behavior is not happening with Word, but I'm seeing this with Excel. Why??

The file is not flagged read only and file permissions are not an issue. I found this snippet online:

"If you open a Excel 2007 .xlsx file In Excel 2003 once the compatibility pack is installed, you will be able to open and save the file in the new .xlsx format. But, if the Excel 2007 .xlsx file has made use of the new multiple conditional formatting rules, you will see the following message. Your only option is to click OK. Tthe file opens in read-only mode to protect the original file. If changes are made to the file, it will need to be saved with a new filename since its read-only."

I'm not using any special rules however, and as a test I just created a new, basic xlsx file with one word entered in the spreadsheet. The results are the same for the 2003 user, it opens in read only with the X1000001 file name.

Thanks for any help.

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by AymanRamadan In reply to Why does Excel 2007 open ...

Just install Office 2003 SP2 and the problem will disappear :)

Ayman Ramadan
IT Engineer, Problem Management Team
Technology Dept-Vodafone Egypt

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Excel 2007 opened as read only

by kimjrodriguez In reply to Solved

What if this is happening to OFFICE XP also? The same exact scenario. I did install the SP3 for OFFICE XP and that did not help at all.

Thank you for your reply

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