Why does File & Printer Sharing for microsoft network uncheck itself

By alecwillett ·
I have several laptops that seem to be experencing this issue. I will not be able to manage the machine services remotely after investagating the issue I found in the properties of the local area connection that the "File and Printer sharing for Microsoft" was unchecking itself. if I put the check in and apply I am able to manage the machine. My question is what could be causing the machine to uncheck these settings the user who has access to the machine can not modify these setting. Have scanned for virus & spyware, machine is clean. any ideas would be good.

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Well it would help no end to tell us

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why does File & Printer S ...

What OS is in use here, What the hardware actually is and probably more importantly what the Network Topology is.

For instance GP's can do this or AD can be set to do this so it all depends on the Server and how it is configured for those fixes/problems or it may be softening like a Security measure on the Domain to prevent this.


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Machine is a Lenovo running windows xp

by alecwillett In reply to Why does File & Printer S ...

the machine is running windows xp. I have checked access connection and there is a profile for the LAN cconnection that has the "disable file and printer sharing" checked that is causing the issue. Corrected the profile.

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So this helped?

by Jacky Howe In reply to Machine is a Lenovo runni ...

1. Click Start > All Programs >ThinkVantage > Access Connections.
2. Click Manage.
3. Click your network profile.
4. Click Edit.
5. Click Additional Settings.
6. Click the "Settings" button next to "Network security".
7. Un-check the "disable file and printer sharing" box.

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Yes this article helped.

by alecwillett In reply to So this helped?

No longer having any issue managing user machine.

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That's great

by Jacky Howe In reply to Yes this article helped.

your up and running.

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Another question regarding this same topic

by alecwillett In reply to That's great

Is there a way to inforce the file & printer sharing in the registry where we can stop it from disabling on windows XP machine.

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I tried the following link

by alecwillett In reply to This might help

I tried this link and it did not remove the File & printer sharing from the local area connection.

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My mistake

by Jacky Howe In reply to Machine is a Lenovo runni ...

I've just realised that the reference was for 98 and ME. I just tested both settings on XP as a standard user and they didn't work in XP.

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