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Why does Gov. Keep Loosing Laptops?

By marileev ·
Yesterday Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez sent out a press release owning up to the fact that his department can not be responsible with its technology

The press release verified that also amongst the loss were 6,200 pieces of household information including names, addresses and Social Security Numbers

I really have to start scratching my head and wondering why the government seems to be issuing laptops to so many irresponsible people?

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Most are NOT lost....

by dawgit In reply to Why does Gov. Keep Loosin ...

They're just kept, or given away (since, in the case of those temp. workers, that were not paid well, simply kept 'theirs') Some laptops are bought by the Gov. for specific jobs & and when that is complete, they are no longer needed. -So, they simply 'disapear'. (It takes 10x more paperwork, and red tape, to dispose of a laptop, or computer legally, than to report it Missing, or stollen) Just a fact of life.

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Who but the govmt would issue portable computers to TEMPS???

by Absolutely In reply to Why does Gov. Keep Loosin ...
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Crunch the dollar numbers

by DanLM In reply to Who but the govmt would i ...

It's most likely a **** of a lot cheaper for the government to issue laptops, then to pay for people to transcribe all the paper work over to data base's.
1). Can't read your writing, what the **** does that say?
*** More accurate census data
2). Papers are a **** of a lot easier to lose then laptops.
**** Less accurate census data
3). These people don't get paid crap, just the fact they are trying to make the job easier for them is a good sign.
4). You have what? 200/300 million Americans? All of that data has to be collected, then entered into the data base's. Everyone *****'s cause it takes so long. Lap tops improve the efficiency of this collection process.

Oh man, I'm going to regret this but. I agree with your latter post. We are paying for these laptops through tax's, but I still think the accuracy of the census data because of how it is used outweighs the loss of the laptops. I am speaking monetarily only.


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It's not just the government

by NickNielsen In reply to Why does Gov. Keep Loosin ...

But since, in the private sector, it's "only" proprietary business information being lost, the companies losing it keep their mouths shut so as not to draw attention to it.

I would be more surprised if the government wasn't losing laptops. I'm glad to hear the publicity each time it happens, rather than finding out 4 months down the road that my identity has been stolen because my personal data was on a missing laptop that I knew nothing about...

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Private Sector also a culprit

by marileev In reply to It's not just the governm ...

There was Fidelity (lost Hewlett-Packard employee info), Ameriprise, Bank of America in California, Providence Health in the NW, Boeing, YMCA,, Equifax... But it's the magnitude of the Gov. loss that is continually astounding

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I don't pay taxes to the private sector.

by Absolutely In reply to Private Sector also a cul ...

If I don't like the way a business is protecting my data, it's much easier for me to take my business elsewhere than if the government is abusing my privacy.

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Missing Does Not Imply Losing nor Stealing

by Wayne M. In reply to Why does Gov. Keep Loosin ...

Before criticizing the staff, one needs to understand why the equipment is listed as missing. Some more common reasons:

1) Staff keeping equipment when transfering between departments or agencies. The staff members are still employed by the government; they are merely moving offices. Many do not realize when they are required to return equipment and be re-issued new equipment and no asset tracking nor exit policies are in force.

2) Transferring staff return equipment, but the department stock piles it or re-issues to new staff without tracking paperwork. Due to delays in issuing new equipment, supervisors may simply hang on to returned equipment. An audit merely finds that the serial number was last issued to an ex-employee.

3) Staff may be out of contact during an audit. This is often a problem with remote staff. If the audit does not physically touch and scan the unit, it is reported as missing. E-mail confirmations have a low response rate and often the wrong numbers are recorded.

4) The equipment may have been replaced. If equipment malfunctions, it is often common practice to replace the equipment almost immediately. If the paperwork showing the serial number change is lost or incorrectly recorded, the computer goes "missing."

In short, there are lots of reasons why equipment is reported as missing. One should not immediately assume it is due to misconduct or malfeasance by staff.

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