Why does HP Laptop screen goes black after the logo?

By dinkey ·
When starting my hp dv9000 it goes to the HP Logo screen like normal but once that goes away the screen just goes black and does nothing. I hear the fan running all the led's on the laptop are lit up except for the hdd light on the front of the case. I've tried the pull out battery unplug power adapter hold down power button thing still same thing. I've also hooked up an external monitor and it does the exact samething. Brings up HP logo screen then goes black. Any suggestions?

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Request for Clarification

by dmritchie2 In reply to Clarifications

Does the numlock key on the keyboard turn the lights on and off when pressed?

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

Can you get into the BIOS setup screen? (HIT F10 during HP logo)

If you can get into BIOS, then reset it to factory defaults.

The DV9000 has the legendary nVidia video chipset fault, which was part of a class action lawsuit (that closed in 2011). My experience has been that most of the time when you have a HP desktop or laptop that won't boot, it's the nVidia GPU that's the fault, and since it's a laptop, that means a new systemboard or some careful reflowing of the GPU solder connections.

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Can you boot with an external drive?

Such as an emergency recovery CD, USB thumb drive or external hard drive?
It sounds like something could be amiss with the hard drive or other components,
so booting with emergency recovery media gives you a chance to check everything
and see if it can find what is not working...could also be failing RAM, power supply, etc

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Check Disk

by OptimusDad In reply to Why does HP Laptop screen ...

F key into your BIOS and run a check of the HDD. Sounds like a bad sector preventing the OS from starting up.

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What noise if any is it making?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why does HP Laptop screen ...

If the NB passes the Power On Self Test or POST it should make a beep noise. If it doesn't make any Noise or a series of Beeps that is a Error Code and we'll need to know what the serries of beeps is to diagnose it.

You can also try a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

http://sourceforge .net/projects/ubcd/
remember to remove the space from between sourceforge and .net for a working link.

The Ultimate Boot CD is a Free download which you can burn to CD or make a USB Boot Drive from and then run a series of Diagnostic Tests from it.

Also was this unit covered by the Recall of some dv9000?


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Maybe a heating issue?

by dinkey In reply to Why does HP Laptop screen ...

Sorry it took so long to reply. Been busy.

Well, I had let it sit unplugged for about a day and a half. Noticed that the bottom around the fan was getting kind of warm. I blew the fans out with duster. Yesterday I turned it on and it booted all the way to the desktop. I did a few updates. When it went to restart it blanked out at the logo screen again. Left it off all night tried again this morning still the same HP logo pops up then black. As far as noises go all I hear is the fan. No beeps. I've set to factory defaults in the bios. I ran a hdd test from there as well. All looks fine on that end. I noticed the cap locks key stays on the entire time when the screen is black. I tried hitting the caps key to turn off but it wouldn't.

Thank you for your time and help.

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