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Why does link magically appear in emails?

By KidContent ·
I'm getting ticked...

I have been noticing in some emails I'm receiving, and even emails I send out when I include myself in the bc: field that links magically appear out of thin air within my emails. A word or phrase will have a double underline, and will be hyperlinked. When you click on the hyperlink, it goes to a freaking ad.

Does anyone know what the heck's going on with this? Is this a new way to spread adware, viruses, etc., and if so, how in the world do I eliminate this from my computer?

Thanks for your help!

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by theseacow In reply to Why does link magically a ...

What email application are you using?

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by KidContent In reply to

Outlook Express. They also appear on web pages that I visit. If you hover over the link, it shows a box containing an ad. Supposedly, it doesn't add any cookies or viruses to your computer, but if you click on them I wondered what effect they have.

Basically, I just don't want the darn things appearing on my computer at all, and I'd like to know how to get rid of them.

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My guess is spyware

by gralfus In reply to

Since almost all spyware is based on getting money for clicked ads, my guess is you picked up some spyware. I would install both Spybot and AdAware, update them, run them, then immunize your system in Spybot. If you purposefully installed a "search toolbar", uninstall it.

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by gkrew In reply to

just don't click on the links.

It sounds like technology developed by Vibrant Media
They use intellitxt to create sponsored links on webpages.

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You are right

by dbucyk In reply to Why does link magically a ...

This is not a new way to spread adware though. Your system has been infected and the best way to prevent this from happening again is to use ad-aware se, update it, check all of the options and carefully enable the functions. Also, use Spybot Search & Destroy v1.4 and follow the installation process and go through and enable what you think is best.

Then once your system is cleaned, use ZoneAlarm on your system and make sure you are in stealth mode (hackers have a hard time seeing you on the internet). Then go to and do the ports scan to see if you are okay.

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