why does my desktop just shut off?

By IT2MD ·
I have a Compaq 5310US desktop that I've been using for four years and it has worked well. Earlier this year, I upgraded the RAM...that's the only change I've made to the PC. However for the last few months it just started shutting off...not shutting down but shutting completely OFF!

I use it mostly just to surf the net and MS Office documents but it's really annoying to be reading an article online or discussion...or just checking FB or email and have the machine just shut off.

Any ideas as to what may be going on? Power supply issue? Spyware/Malware/Virus? I mean really? It'll sit there on the desktop for hours and hours but after a while of being on-line or writing a document...all of a sudden, it just shuts completely OFF!


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My first thought is over-heating...

So, you may need to do some cleaning. Clear the vents of any obvious dust,
open the case, check for dust inside. A small vacuum helps cleaning up the
dust. You can use cans of compressed air to aid in removal of dust as well.
Next check the fans, make sure they are clean and freely moving. Then check
the heatsink on the CPU. Might need to remove the CPU from the motherboard,
use care and consult a guide (you can find these online with a search). One note,
be sure you have a tube of thermal paste on hand, you will need this to reassemble
the heatsink to the CPU. Clean all the little vents off the heatsink, dust gets stuck
in them quite normally. Reassemble and check all your RAM, cards, cables etc just
to be sure you haven't got a loose one, then close the case cover and power on.
Once it's booted, put it through a test by browsing a few sites, maybe even open a
couple of browser windows, I wouldn't do anything that you would not want to lose
if it did shutdown, but I'd stress test it. If all is well and it doesn't shut down, then you're
good to go for awhile. If not, then you may need to consult a technician and have them
check for failing components.

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by pghegseth In reply to My first thought is over- ...

I fully agree with Wizard57m... it has all the symptoms of an overheating issue. When the system shuts down suddenly it may well be the microprocessor has reached an over-temperature situation (greater than 90

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Desktop shutting down

by snaik95899 In reply to why does my desktop just ...

Give the insides of the case a good cleaning. Use a vacuum with a clean brush attachment, NOT compressed air. With compressed air you are just blowing the dust onto other components or around the inside of the case that could short things out. Check the cooling fan(s)and vents to make sure they are working and dust free. If this doesn't solve the problem, then it is most likely the power supply.

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