Why does my DVD drive read DVD's but not CD's?

By colincornelissen ·
Reads DVD's but not CD's

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Most likely because

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why does my DVD drive rea ...

You have left a CD in the drive while it was not being used and the LED that generates the Laser Beam to read the CD has lost intensity and fallen below the threshold of working.

If you need a Disc in the drive a lot of the time you should load a Virtual Drive and copy the Contents of the Disc to the HDD where you not only get better response times but also do not destroy Optical Drives.

DVD Drives have 2 LED's to generate the Laser Beams one for DVD and one for CD. When one of the LED's losses intensity you have to replace the drive.


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I had a problem like this

by jamblaster In reply to Why does my DVD drive rea ...

And I solved it by deleting the upper and lower filter registry keys.

These may be in different locations in different OS's, but you can try this path-->

regedit.exe\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965 (look for that starting octet and select it)\Then select and delete the keys entries on the right named--upperfilters & lowerfilters

This won't damage your machine if it isn't the solution, but in many instances it can fix problems with DVD drives.

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Might try cleaning the laser lens

by robo_dev In reply to Why does my DVD drive rea ...

With a suitable laser lens cleaning kit, or with a cotton-swab and some isopropyl alcohol (some disassembly required). Note that smoke and laser lenses do not mix, so if the user is a smoker, that's the issue for sure.

Note that some drives read certain types of CD-ROM media better than others, such that there is silver, gold, green dye-formulation CD-ROM media. So if a drive cannot read a certain disc, make a copy (using another computer) to an alternate type of CD-ROM. Ditto for trying a CD-RW vs a 700MB vs. 800mb.

Note too that quality matters, as cheap discs have more issues.

Note that issues can happen if somebody puts the label on crooked or puts a square label on a CD...these throw the balance off and create vibration which can cause mis-reads.

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