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Why does my laptop go of an on?

By Basilkewir ·
Each time I put my laptop On, it boots still it shows starting Windows then the next thing it does is, it goes off. I have checked the battery head positions and there is no problem. what could possible be the problem?

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Two things -

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Why does my laptop go of ...

1. This should be in the Questions area, not the discussion area.

2. It has Windows on it, that's enough reason for any weird behaviour.

Now as to the weird behaviour, possibly it has an infection of some sort or has a corrupt driver that's critical to Windows opening. Try booting into the Windows Safe mode and see what happens.

If all else fails, use a Live CD to copy your data and rebuild the system.

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Heat Damage

by TheChas In reply to Why does my laptop go of ...

Have you run your laptop on your lap or left it setting on any soft surface such as a couch or a bed with it on?

If so, there is a good chance that you have damaged the CPU or motherboard by causing them to overheat.

Never run a laptop on any soft surface that can block the vents.

I use a piece of masonite artist canvas when I have my laptop on my lap. Not only does the laptop stay cool, so do my legs.

Among other possibilities is a hard drive with bad sectors or insufficient free space, a weak battery that drops to a low voltage very quickly, or loose RAM.

Of course, check the easy stuff first. But, your symptoms do indicate that the unit has been overheated.


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