Why does my laptop only see the Netgear router and no other computer?

By joehelf ·
I have a Dell XP desktop with a CanonM MP730 printer connected via USB cable. I also have a Netgear router connected to this XP desktop just to use as a wireless connection for my laptop to be able to use the Canon printer.When I looked at my network connection I see the Netgear router and that's it. It does not see the computer that is hard wired to this router through its ethernet cable. The desktop does see the laptop on the network map but I can't access it or see any files on the laptop. I'm only using the router as a way to communicate between the desktop and the laptop. I use my cellphone and tethering with my desktop to get out on the internet. I have both computers with the same workgroup name. I have tried to turn off all firewalls. I've tried to install a printer in the Vista laptop using the "local printer" instructions found everywhere. Each time I get the message "the path cannot be found". I think I'm getting this because it doesn't even see the desktop computer let alone the printer attached to it.
You people have helped me about a year ago and I know you will know how to help me again I have confidence in your abilities. Thanks in advance.

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Do you use Internet Connection Sharing for Internet Access?

by robo_dev In reply to Why does my laptop only s ...

If so, that's the problem.

ICS sets up a DHCP server, and you also have one in the cannot have two DHCP servers on the same LAN.

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Not sure about ICS.

by joehelf In reply to Do you use Internet Conne ...

Since I've got my Droid phone and learned I could tether to the internet from the phone I got rid of my Wildblue sattelite internet service. In the past the Wildblue came into its sattelite modem and from there connected to my router. Then from the router I used the ethernet to my XP desktop for internet access. I now connect my cell phone via USB to the XP desktop, enable tethering on the phone, hit the connect icon in the task bar and I get internet through the phone. The printer is connected to the XP via USB. Where do I find the ICS information on the XP so I can check whether or not I am using it?

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If you don't think you have it, and you did not set this up, then you don't

by robo_dev In reply to Not sure about ICS.

If you have ICS installed/enabled it would appear as an option for the network adapter properties for the primary network adapter on the PC.

see screen-shots on following link:

Note: DO NOT install or enable ICS, as this is not a way to fix the problem you're having.

If it IS enabled, then this is most likely part of the problem, since ICS has it's own DHCP server to give IP addresses to other computers, and it would conflict with the DHCP server in your router.

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pretty sure he has to use ICS for cell phone to act as modem

by CG IT In reply to Do you use Internet Conne ...

I do on my phone.

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Droid using

by joehelf In reply to pretty sure he has to use ...

I downloaded a program from my phone on the internet from called "".
This allows me to start an internet session on my cell phone and everything comes to my desktop just like I'm connected to a DSL or satelite modem. It's high speed and very reliable. I don't know about the ICS unless it is configured once the software is installed.

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Not for plain access

by TobiF In reply to pretty sure he has to use ...

But if you at some point of time decided to "share" the mobile connection over ICS, then you may have some strange residual settings on your lan connection.

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Windows firewall?

by TobiF In reply to Why does my laptop only s ...

Check your windows firewall and what "network location" is attached to the current network.
(For a "public network", the windows firewall will restrict file and printer sharing.)

Also check that "windows networking client" is active on your laptop, it is needed when you use shared resources on your home network.

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Firewalls turned off for trouble shooting

by joehelf In reply to Windows firewall?

I went in and turned off Norton's 360 firewalls on both computers while trouble shooting. Still could not see anything but the router from the Vista laptop. On the desktop I can see the laptop in the network mapping but when I try to access it I get an error message about not having permission or priviledges even though I am the administrator. Not sure what to do there either.
I also have the laptop set to "private network" but right at this moment can't remember if the XP is set to "private network". I will check that later tonight.

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Clients active?

by TobiF In reply to Firewalls turned off for ...

On your laptop, go into
Settings - Network connections, and look at the properties of the connection you're using.

You need "client for MS networks" to be active here.

In the same way, make sure that "File and Printer sharing" is active on the XP machine.

Oh - one more thing, but that will be in a separate post. Stay tuned. :)

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Will look after work tonight

by joehelf In reply to Clients active?

I'm at work right now and I will look when I get home this evening.
Yes... I will stay tuned.

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