Why does my laptop say its connected but no internet access

By KerrBear ·
It also says its an unidentified network. It worked fine at my home, at school and now it doesnt work.

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Well what is your Laptop?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why does my laptop say it ...

Also as I'm assuming that this is a Wireless Connection through a 802 type connection you need to setup these Individually.

While a WiFi Access Point may allow you to connect to it it may just be part of a Internal Network not connected to the Internet. So I suppose here the question is what are you connecting to and who owns it? The owner will be the one to ask why you can not connect to the Internet.

The reason it says Unidentified Network is you do not have the right Credentials to log onto it so it's Unidentified by your system.

It would have been setup to work at your Home and again at your School but once you move away from those Access Points you need to setup the system for the Access Point you wish to contact to.

The Intel WiFi manager has a easy setup and Management tool to manage the many different 802 WiFi Connections that many Business People deal with daily.

Of course as I do not know what NB you have it's hard to suggest any more.


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Re:Why does my laptop say its connected but no internet access

by ameack In reply to Why does my laptop say it ...

Guessing its Win VISTA?
Well the only solution which I have found to that is disable and enable the NIC ( network adaptor) or the wireless connection.

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by Twors88 In reply to Why does my laptop say it ...

The wireless will show connected because it is connected to the router, and able to access the LAN. In windows 7 / vista, it will say no internet access if the router is not connected to the provider side. If the PPPoE on dsl is not authenticating, or if the Cable modem is not connecting to the provider. The issue is almost never with the computer itself, the router and or service tends to be the issue.

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