Why does my monitor shut down when I am booting up the pc

By PJHeinzelmann4 ·
My monitor keeps turning off after the P.C. starts to boot up and it it gets to the windows XP then the monitor shuts off but the P.C. is still running It says check P.C. settings. Does anyone know how to fix this problem as I am getting very fusterated trying to figure it out.

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Try a different monitor...............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Why does my monitor shut ...

It sounds as if the monitor is failing. Just as soon as a little more high powered signal is pushed to the monitor, it can't handle it.

Try a different monitor and see if that corrects the problem. Borrow one, if you have to, just to test first before you go buy a new one.

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replace a moniter

by umar_q50 In reply to Try a different monitor.. ...

mate first of all try to unplug and thn plug again the moniters cables.if ths not works then try another moniter to figure out the probelm........but its seems tht its a moniter problem..

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nice try, but...

by charles-tyler In reply to replace a moniter

...I have exactly the same problem and BenQ replaced my monitor under guarantee. It still does the same thing. It's a Windows thing!! I can see the image as it's booting up, I can see it when I run the system recovery tool, but as soon as Windows starts it says "no signal" and switches itself off. Sorry, but those answers were just plain lazy. Any better suggestions?

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What hapens if you boot in safe mode, to do this press

by ComputerCookie In reply to nice try, but...

the 'F8' key ofter the computer POSTs.

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tried safe mode but too late...

by charles-tyler In reply to What hapens if you boot i ...

I'm in the **** now! I tried non-destructive system restore, during which time the monitor worked fine. Afterward I rebooted and the monitor didn't work again. I have a video-sender attached which beams the image to my TV so I can see what's going on. Upon booting it now says:

"A problem has prevented Windows from accurately reading the license of this computer. To proceed your copy of Windows must be activated from Microsoft. Do you want to activate windows now?" When I say yes it just says "Windows is logging off" and restarts, just goes around in a circle.

Safe mode does work though (should have tried this before I suppose!). Without that message. What do I do now?!! Any help would be appreciated. Although it's my old computer I still want to use it for the internet and it has loads of programmes that I still use which I don't want to transfer to my laptop. BTW my Windows XP is legal!

ps sorry for being ratty in the last post, i'm just so fed up with all this messing around.

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Sounds like a driver problem

by ComputerCookie In reply to tried safe mode but too l ...

restart in safe mode + networking.

Go to device manager and look for a driver conflict for your "Display Adapter". Update the driver.

If that doesn't work post back.

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