Why does my phone have faster speed than my PC on WiFi ?

By aefreako997 ·
I’m from Malaysia the land of poor internet. Nonetheless, I’ve been struggling with bad internet connection previously until I’ve upgraded my WiFi adapter to a dual-band one (TP-LINK ARCHER T2U).

I’m subscribed to a 300mbps package provided by a local provider Maxis, it’s called Maxis Home Fibre and I took the plan that says “ UP TO 300mbps “.

Previously w/o the dual band adapter I’ve only been able to connect to the 2.4ghz one. Now with the dual-band adapter I expected it to have a bigger change, instead I noticed only a minor change. 2.4ghz was clocking at 72mbps max and 5ghz was clocking at 94mbps max.

However when I go to test the speed of the WiFi on my iPhone 7 Plus, it clocked in at 268 mbps !

That’s wonderful news for my mobile devices however I’m mainly concerned very much more toward my PC. A brother needs his games and smooth internet for the career.

I don’t understand much why and how is this happening, could someone please explain to me why is it like this and give me a solution. I don’t want to waste my money paying such a high monthly fee if I’m not going to get even half of what the plan promised.

Please and thank you guys !
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