why does my rx and tx signal on my iDirect evolution x3 modem goes on n off

By EzehJo ·
i am troubleshooting a network and the rx signal keep fluctuanting, i changed the cables and even the lmb, yet it still fluctuant what could be the cause?
Thanks. I will be waiting for your response

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I would talk to their tech support

by robo_dev In reply to why does my rx and tx sig ...

When you say 'fluctuating', by how much?

RF interference would be possible, but not sure what channel you're on...but in theory if there was a new cell tower nearby or a microwave uplink using the 950-2150 mhz range.....

If it's losing sat reception, and there's nothing between your dish and the sky, or an obvious source of local RF interference, then I would suspect the unit is faulty, especially since you changed antenna and cable. Have you checked the output voltage/current of the power supply?

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