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Why does my web site keep going down and then coming back up?

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I have a web site that I monitor with Some days my reports are fine and some days I will have an alert that my site did not respond with it 30 secs. I'm looking for a way to determine what is happening on my site when it is slow to respond. I have it pinged every hour. What things could I look for in my web stats logs to try to explain why the alerts keep happening? I'm running it on a windows based server.

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Can you monitor the firewall where the server is located?

by robo_dev In reply to Why does my web site keep ...

If this is a firewall/router that you manage, it's logs will tell you what's going on. Most web servers are under constant attack from bots and hackers, so therefore if somebody is port-scanning your server aggressively, that might make your web server slow down.

I would also look closely for any unpatched vulnerability on the server, as this will attract lots of traffic as automated attacks try to exploit it.

And if there are unpatched vulns, if the server were hacked, then that would cause performance issues.

Do you have IDS/IPS protecting the server, in the form of an app like Snort or as a managed service or separate server?

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