Why does some font on my outlook email come up large on replies?

By Solutions350 ·
When I receive a reply to an email, sometimes part of the email font is very large (about 100pt). It's just random words/sentences. It doesn't do it when I create the email, but is just in the reply to me. Then when I reply, it stays large. If there is a table within the email, random lines of the table show up large and dark. It only does it on my Outlook. Please help!

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Take a bit of html, then randomly delete some end tags etc

by TobiF In reply to Why does some font on my ...

Disclaimer: I have no clue. I'm just guessing here!

Pretty emails nowadays are encoded in html.
(especially Outlook and Outlook Express LOVE html so much that it can be hard to view just the text...)

Now, suppose you're using a fancy template with loads of html and you send an email to someone else.

Now, they reply to you. But before replying, they decide to delete some parts of YOUR message, to make the whole message shorter. What if, by accident, they delete some html tags, without hitting their mate tags and everything in between? Right, you get a mess.

This might especially happen if the party on the other side uses a less html-happy client.

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