Why does the meta key combo [ALT] + [0][0][9] change tab behavior?

By Charles Bundy ·
This is on a Win7 x64 box running Office 2010 (specifically tab wasn't behaving as it should in Word 2010.) The above "reenabled" the proper tab key behavior. x009 is {tab}, but not certain why inserting a tab would cause the tab key to start working... Can anyone clue me in?

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What was the misbehavior?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why does the meta key com ...

How was the tab key misbehaving before Alt009 'fixed' it? And is a KVM switch involved?

Have you checked Word's AutoCorrect settings? Maybe a tab was set to be automatically replaced by another string.

If it starts up again, switch to another app that accepts a tab character and see if the key misbehaves outside of Word. WordPad or OneNote, maybe.

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by Charles Bundy In reply to What was the misbehavior?

It finally occured again! It looks like rather than [TAB] she is getting an [ALT] + [TAB] which cycles to another window. After doing the [ALT] [0] [0] [9] the tab key returns to [TAB] only.

She was in Firefox rather than Word this time (couldn't tab to fields in HTML form).

No KVM involved... At first I thought it might be a code page in Word, but if it happens in Firefox it must be some Win7 usability/UI feature... I'm going to start googling "AERO", if I find anything will post...

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