why does the security have to carry guns

By seanpaul_killas ·
because they should limit guns to the security when they need them.

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because criminals do?

by sgt_shultz In reply to why does the security h ...

as a 'deterrent'?
how *do* you spell that, anyway?

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If they don't have them

by IC-IT In reply to why does the security h ...

Then when they needed the gun, it would be a bit too late, don't ya think.

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Why do you need security in the first place?

by jdclyde In reply to why does the security h ...

Because there are bad people that we need to protect things from.

Saying that security don't need guns is even stupider than saying we don't need security in the first place.

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It depends on the security

by w2ktechman In reply to why does the security h ...

and what they are trying to watch over. Many security firms do not have guns, or only a few people for specific locations carry guns.

It would seem stupid though, to make someone run to a locked gun cabinet after the need for a gun occurs, to get the gun for use.
If it is needed in an emergency, they need it now, not later.

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The limit is already in place...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to why does the security h ...

It's called a 'safety catch'.

22 anyone?

<Edited for suitable Joseph Heller reference>

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oh, I get it, like after...

by dawgit In reply to why does the security h ...

They're shot and already too dead to need them. When they need them is before, not when a committee realizes they might have needed one. X-( -d

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Under what circumstances ...

by SmilingSheep In reply to why does the security h ...

is security allowed to shoot someone? In most incidents I've seen, a person has to brandish a firearm and aim before security has permission to unholster their weapon. I've also not seen this usually unstable person start shooting in the proximity of the security personnel. Wouldn't the stable shooter take out security first? [Even I'm not sure what I mean by that.]

Is it security's job to possibly kill someone? Is security trained and practiced in their response (when to shoot, what to aim for, how to take the safety off)? How responsive is local law enforcement? What about full-of-themselves rent-a-cop security, do I want them having guns?

I'm not sure what environment each of you is in, so I can't make a determination as to what will work for you. We have campus police, and I'm in an old building with concrete walls and solid wood doors. That's enough for me.

There are many more shootings that take place away from work or school. The freak incident and exception is the postal worker, the college student, or other person unloading their clip with seemingly random abandon at the place causing the conflict/stress. In each of the three incidents I recall in the recent past, local law enforcement and not security concluded the incident.

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What kind of security, is a good point

by jdclyde In reply to Under what circumstances ...

Some places here in Michigan hire "security guards" which are entirely for show. They do not carry fire arms, and the billyclubs they carry are HOLLOW. They are more worried about a lawsuit than they are of the security having to actually stop someone.

Other places will rent people out of the police reserves. Some are part time cops, some are cops looking for extra cash. They all carry.

When to shoot? Someones LIFE is at risk.

What to aim at? Center of mass, simple.

I can't speak for other states, but in Michigan it is unlikely you will see an untrained yahoo working as security with a firearm.

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Because robotic guns that can walk on their own would be too dangerous.

by Absolutely In reply to why does the security h ...

Haven't you seen the "Terminator" movies?

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Or Robocop

by w2ktechman In reply to Because robotic guns that ...

there was plenty of mayhem in those ones too

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