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Why does this file reboot?

By edrox ·

I have created a file which sets rights and userIDs. The PC reboots during!! the execution of this command file if I do this during my unattended setup.
If I run it on a normal moment on a Winnt WS 4 SP5 machine, it doesn't reboot.
Even if this file is renaming the user which is logged in.

The file:
REM This creates, renames and assigns group memberships
ECHO Creation of userIDs...
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net user encore XXXXXX /add /comment:"Encore userID" /fullname:"Store manager"
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\renuser guest MIS
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net user mis XXXXXX /comment:"MIS administration account" /fullname:"MIS"
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net user administrator XXXXXX
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net LOCALGROUP administrators mis /add
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net LOCALGROUP guests mis /delete
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net user mis /active:yes /passwordchg:yes /passwordreq:yes /expires:never
C:\I386\$OEM$\security\net user administrator /passwordreq:yes /expires:never

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Why does this file reboot?

by Bill Cassada In reply to Why does this file reboot ...

Where in the unattended setup are you calling this file? It could be that Windows is doing something else and when that process completes it executes the reboot without regard to your batch file.

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Why does this file reboot?

by edrox In reply to Why does this file reboot ...

Sorry Bill,

in order to test that I have now moved this file to a separate part of the unattend setup, I tested it with the batch file just doing a copy and then exit.
Then the machine just stood and waited for me to shut it down.
If I then runthe same unattend with the commands described above, it reboots.

I thought the same thing.

Thanks anyway,


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