Why does this laptop turns on briefly, and then shut off?

By scurran07 ·
My best friend has an HP Pavilion. It was her fathers, who passed away about three months after he purchased it.
It's been sitting in a bag for about a year and a half now. It wasn't turning on at all because it needed a power cord. We bought a universal one tonight at Best Buy, and the laptop will very briefly turn on and then turn back off. We know the cord is getting power to it, and the fans are starting, but we can't figure out why the laptop won't stay on.
She said that it was never turned off properly. So maybe someone just put it in hibernate.

What could be the cause of this and how do we fix it?


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The most likely thing here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why does this laptop turn ...

Is that the "Universal" Power Adapter you bought isn't the right Voltage or Wattage and can not run the NB. Also as the thing has been packed away for so long the battery will be flat hence the thing turns on for a short period of time and then turns off again when the Battery Power falls below the required threshold.


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What model of HP laptop?

by robo_dev In reply to Why does this laptop turn ...

I repaired one recently and learned that some of these HP laptops have HUGE issues with both the amount of power they require (e.g. you need the 90 Watt power supply vs a 45 watt) AND they also have issues with the power jacks breaking. Many of the newer HPs have a light on the power jack, and if the light's not lit, it's not getting enough juice.

Note too that many of these units simply will not power up if the battery is totally discharged, so you may need to leave it for several hours to charge the battery.

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could be hardware or software

by databaseben In reply to Why does this laptop turn ...

in addition to the other helpful replies:

one thing to do is to remove the battery and run the laptop on straight power from the power adapter. it might be a bad power adapter "or" the connection where the adapter plugs into the laptop is faulty.

another possibility is that if the laptop use to be always powered up, then maybe its is dusty on the inside. the dust inhibits the process of keeping the laptop cool. if the heat exceeds a threshold, the laptop shuts down in order to protect it from heat damage.

to this end, the laptop may need to be cleaned out "or" you might try buying a laptop cooler.

but it is hard to gauge from my end if you do have a power supply problem or an issue with over heating / temperature or malware.

but there is a test you can do to see if the problem is software related.

try running windows in safe mode and see if the power problem still exists. if the laptop works in safe mode, then there could be an software infection or corrupted driver running in normal mode.

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