why does windows 7 disable wireless access if you don't enter the correct w

By Toucheaway ·
I was trying to connect to my wireless home router with my laptop but i had to get the key. so I shut the laptop down,got the key and started up the laptop again and now the wireless icon is red(disabled) and I can't get enabled

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The correct w?

by seanferd In reply to why does windows 7 disabl ...

So, how have you tried to re-enable wireless? What is the status or error message?

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Great minds...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The correct w?

I didn't know there was an incorrect 'w'. :^0

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There's likely a switch

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to why does windows 7 disabl ...

of some kind on your laptop that you need to turn on. Hunt down your lappie specs to see where it is.

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Oh, good point.

by seanferd In reply to There's likely a switch
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Hang on...

by TobiF In reply to why does windows 7 disabl ...

I tried to figure out why you turned your laptop off so that you could find your network password.

Does this mean that you interrupted the installation process of your system when it come to the wireless setup? If yes, next time around, just tell the wizard that you'll set up the wireless somehow later.

So, the "switch" mentioned in another post above could be a software enabler. If your computer has both bluetooth and wifi, then a physical switch would typically turn all radio off (flight-mode) but some special program from your pc vendor would allow you to selectively activate wifi or bluetooth/wireless usb.

Hmm. your radio switch may be a slide or a button (often with a small status indicator next to it) but it could also be a key combination. On the fucntion keys, you can see symbols for different special actions, that will occur if you press these buttons together with the "Fn" key. If there's an antenna printed on any key, then try that one.

If you want more specific help, then you could tell us the brand and model of your laptop.

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