Why does Word 2003 automatically apply an unknown style

By UtopiaBoy ·
When I upgraded to XP and Word 2003, I immediately encountered an annoyance that was not present in Word 1997, which I had used for years.

When I type in a Word doc, I use a style I created called Letter. Any time that I have the cursor at the left margin and tab, Word overwrites my style and creates one called Letter + First Line: 3 pi. that causes me to use several keystrokes to overcome the annoyances. I certainly never created that style myself. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a way to keep Word from changing the style?
Thank you, Noel

P.S. Even if I delete the ******* style, the next time that I hit the tab button, it comes back.

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Have you tried using a different name...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why does Word 2003 automa ...

For you 'style'.

Create it again and name it something other than 'Letter'. (without Letter in the name at all)

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Re: another name

by UtopiaBoy In reply to Have you tried using a di ...

Thanks. I will try that. But it will be a pain in the rear since I have hundreds of documents based on that named style. And I would like to know why MS Word 2003 inserts the new style automatically. Why would a programmer do that? Just one more annoyance and this is a real pain in the backside. I would like to determine my own tabs instead of having an automatic first line tab.

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I had a problem once

by The Scummy One In reply to Why does Word 2003 automa ...

where Word bypassed the defaults after an upgrade from 97 to 03. Every time I created a new doc it set the font to 20pt and bold. Even after checking font settings and deleting the file. The fix was to uninstall Office completely (detect and repair did not fix it). Scour the reg (dont know if its needed, but its what I did) and delete all Office keys, then re-install Office 03.

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Style bile

by UtopiaBoy In reply to I had a problem once

Thank you. I guess I could go to that length, but look forward to it like a root canal. (eye roll) But I appreciate your tip.

By the way, for any others, I already replaced the upon advice. Didn't help.

Thanks, Mr. Gates, for once again releasing software with bugs and weird potholes in the road

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