Why does Yahoo Messenger close when I sign in to my Gmail?

By babznme ·
ok, I do have 2 Yahoo Messenger accounts, that work fine when I sign out of one and into the other. However, if I turn on Yahoo Messenger, then I go to sign in for my Gmail, Yahoo Messenger closes. I am new to Gmail, maybe there is a chat feature I need to turn off? I get to have other chat programs open at the same time, why not Gmail & Yahoo messenger? Is this a FireFox issue? That is the browser I am using. Thanks for the help!

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Yahoo messenger uses Yahoo Mail for authentication

by robo_dev In reply to Why does Yahoo Messenger ...

Therefore, when you close the mail, you de-authenticate the messenger session. It has to work that way or you would have to login to Messenger separately.

I would expect if you just left Yahoo Mail running, then open Gmail in a new browser tab, it would keep Yahoo messenger happy.

An alternate IM client such as Meebo has it's own login, and therefore will keep running regardless of what's going on in the web browser.

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Universal Client

by oldbaritone In reply to Why does Yahoo Messenger ...

get a universal IM client like Pidgin or Miranda. Some will even allow you to log in with multiple IDs.

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