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Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

By maxwell edison ·
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And why does an up-grade bring the site down?

It boggles the mind to ponder such things.

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Thats just profound

by AV . In reply to Why does your nose run an ...

I'm mind boggled

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by GSG In reply to Why does your nose run an ...

We have a vendor that no longer uses the word "upgrade". Instead, they suddenly started about doing an uplift. "We need to uplift you to version 10.3.1". "How did your uplift go?"

All this with no explanation to us customers. Plus, the uplift failed, so there were all sorts of comments about the uplift being a let down. I imagine some consultant went in to them and said that uplift would sound more perky and make the customer think that this vendor is there to help them and give them a boost up.

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Technology Refresh

by robo_dev In reply to Vendor-speak

No, we're not ripping out and replacing your old PCs, creating havoc and breaking every application.

We're doing a 'Technology Refresh', which sounds like a nice drink of cold sparkly spring water....

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