Why doesn't a replacement HP Touchpad digitizer respond like the original?

By dem66 ·
I recently replaced my cracked HP Touchpad digitizer screen. I could only buy the glass digitizer panel. It did not come attached to the plastic support bezel so I had to reuse the bezel. I removed the cracked digitizer from the bezel with heat from a hair dryer to soften the double back tape used to attach the digitizer to the bezel. I used double back tape to attach the new digitizer to the bezel. After reassembling the Touchpad, I noticed the new panel does not respond to touch like the original, is erractic and the majority of the digitizer is not responsive to touch.

Therefore, I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot this problem.
1. Could the replacement digitizer be defective?
2. Is there a special double back tape I should have used to attach the digitizer to the bezel?
3. Could I have damaged something during disassembly/reassembly?
4. Do you know where I can buy a complete digitizer assembly (digitizer and bezel together)?

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Yes, no, yes, no

by robo_dev In reply to Why doesn't a replacement ...

In general, these things are pretty rugged, so I doubt you damaged it.

The quality of many parts from certain countries is very very poor.

As long as the digitizer is staying in one place, the tape does not matter. That's more to hold it together during shipment/assembly than in use. The digitizer should work regardless of spacing, it's so flexible that it does not matter.

If it's working at all, you did not damage anything. However if you did something like fold the digitizer in half or drop it in water, all bets are off.:)

eBay. One approach is to buy a dead unit and scavenge it's screen (and or swap motherboards to create one working unit).

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same problem...

by thantheman In reply to Why doesn't a replacement ...

did u have any luck fixing yours?

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