why doesnt my computer turn on?

By 0166882 ·
When i press the power button on the pc it doesnt do anything like the computer isnt even plugged in, but theres a green light on the motherboard that is on. I have tryed almost everything to get it working iv replaced the power supply and i have even replaced the case of the computer and iv played around with the wires that connect to the motherboard from the front panel of the computer and it just turns on randomly and when its on and i turn it off it just switchs on and off on and off and have to unplug it,Im just really really confused i mean i havnt really got much experance with computers at all no one beleaves me at all that my computer is doing this, i really need help right now im just not sure what to do

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Is it beeping at all when it turns on?

by Slayer_ In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

Have you tried replacing the power supply?

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from 0166882

by 0166882 In reply to Is it beeping at all when ...

yup i replaced it

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by 0166882 In reply to Is it beeping at all when ...

well it hasnt really been on in a while since its been doing this, and nope i dont remember it beeping

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There should be some form of Beeps.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 0166882

Even if it's just the one single Beep when the system posts.

So have you reconnected the Speaker on the Front Panel Connections on the M'Board?

The Beeps are a Code telling you that it's working correctly to what is wrong by the series of beeps that the unit produces. The Beep Error Code should be in your M'Board Manual so you can look it up as we don't know what it is so we can tell you what is happening here.

Here are the standard Beep Codes for all of the BIOS makers However you need to understand these are the Standard Codes if you have a Special Model M'Board made for a System Maker they could be different. So if you have a Dell, HP or similar the BIOS Beep Codes may have been altered to suit that Buyer/System Assembler.


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You are in over your head

by santeewelding In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

Seek competent help at a brick and mortar.

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why doesnt my computer turn on?

by 0166882 In reply to You are in over your head

umm im in over my head? dude?

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Dude meant,

by seanferd In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

"Take it to a shop." That's what the Dude meant.

Oh. Shop = "Place where they repair computers."

"Brick & mortar" = physical, natural world, "IRL", location.

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Just a guess

by Tyharo In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

I don't have much experience with desktop even though i build one a long time ago.
My guess may be either a component isn't compatible with the motherboard, such as the cpu, i would check to see if your motherboard is able to support the cpu speed.
second guess would be possible ram issue. You might have to much ram or to less to even start the system.
Over all Check that all the components in the computer are compatible with each other, if they are then i would recommend sending it back to the manufacturer or to a local computer company for assistance.

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Some simple questions

by unhappyuser In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

Have you tried a different (external) power cord?

Have you bypassed the surge protector? It may have a bad port.

Reseated memory?

Did anything happen prior to it not working?

If all this fails the motherboard is probably bad.


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just an idea

by h4x0rj3ff In reply to why doesnt my computer tu ...

it sounds like your processor is shot. when it initially started to screw up like the very firt time it did you here a beep? it would only happen once and it would be like a low high low high low high tone sorta like a siren then after that nothing would happen when you turn it on.

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