Why doesn't my sound work?

By mrpsycho49 ·
Last night, I constructed a new box which included an ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX motherboard. Before I did anything, I flashed the Bios to the most recent version as it was said to fix a lot of memory handling errors that occurred.
The installation of Windows was very smooth but since my disc is from the early release of Xp Professional, it is pre-SP1. Therefore, before I began doing any of the driver or software installations, I dropped the Ethernet driver in place and downloaded the service packs. After the service packs were installed, I began installing drivers for my Nvidia GeForce 8800GT OC, my chipset drivers, and finally my sound.

While all other drivers went in effortlessly and immediately began producing expected results; However, the sound card errored out during installation. It appears to have gotten drivers from the windows update website. I downloaded the most recent drivers from Asus support and attempted to install but had no success. The device manager recognizes that the drivers are not functioning with the little yellow "!" and the hardware wizard is constantly "detecting new hardware".

I believe the solution is to unregister the drivers from the device and remove them but the 'Uninstall' button doesn't completely remove them. How do I make the system register it as "Unknown hardware" again? Would unregistering the device and installing manufacturer drivers fix my problem? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I would uninstall the Service Packs...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Why doesn't my sound work ...

if possible. Then load all the drivers. Then get the Service Packs. They seem to sometimes interfere with things in a most annoying fashion.

I never add anything until after all the drivers are loaded.

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Well as I can not get into ASUS at the moment

by OH Smeg In reply to Why doesn't my sound work ...

I have no idea of what hardware you have but if this is a AC97 Sound Device you have gone about loading this system the wrong way. It is unlikely that you will get the Sound to work now short of Wiping the HDD reinstalling the OS then add the drivers for the hardware and then finally load the Service Packs/Hot Fixes.

Realtech doesn't submit it's drivers for Digital Signing and WGA which is installed when you first log onto the Windows or M$ Update Service disables the Realtech Drivers from working.


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Makes sense... I wish I thought about that sooner

by mrpsycho49 In reply to Well as I can not get int ...

The sound card is a Realtek HD audio. Unfortunately, I think you are correct in your asessment. Thank you for the input. I'll be reinstalling again tonight. :-(

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Unfortunately I know I'm correct

by OH Smeg In reply to Makes sense... I wish I t ...

I once made the mistake of reloading a system and then before it was finished I loaned it out to a musio. He needed sound which I had not installed yet so he returned it and I had to completely reinstall the OS after wasting a lot of time I didn't have working out what was wrong.

Now I just reimage it as it's faster but it's part of the Learning Experience which I didn't have time for when this happened. Still I suppose I'll never forget that lesson. Thanks M$ just what I needed to do. :_|

I'll see if I can find the M$ Notification about Realtech that I saved a while ago and post it back here.


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