Why doesn't my two computer crossover connection ping?

By GodOfThunder39 ·
I have a laptop connected to a PC. The connection is set up correctly and works most of the time. I have a connection issue when both computers are booted at the same time. It is like Windows has some kind of problem connecting them.
If I boot one up 30 seconds or so before the other, they connect just fine.

In "Network Connections" the connection is listed and says it is connected. However, they don't ping.

I checked the event logs and the laptop gets an error when they don't connect: Event I 8003
?The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer XYZ_PC (the PC) that believes that it is the master browser for the domain??

I've checked the Subnet and they are both correct. I've stopped the "Computer Browser" service on the PC and the error goes away, but they still don't connect.

Any ideas would be helpful.
Thank you.

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Crazy question but...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Why doesn't my two comput ...

What are the IP's set to? they must be manually set, and corresponding subnet mask correct, and no default gateway.

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IPs are set to...

by GodOfThunder39 In reply to Crazy question but... and

Subnet is

No gateway.

This is the craziest problem. It only happens when the two computers (both Win XP, but also had it happen with one running 2000) are started at about the same time, maybe within 15-20 seconds of each other or so. Otherwise, the connection is fine.

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by In reply to IPs are set to...

First - change your subnet to match the address range,

My first thought is that this is a auto-negotiation issue with one of the two, or both, NICs. When you turn them on at the same time, they might be having an issue with determine what speed and duplex to use. Try setting one or both NICs to the maximum of the other. If they are both Fast Ethernet (100 mpbs), set it to 100 / Full Duplex.

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Exactly my thoughts... <nt>

by cmiller5400 In reply to Auto-Negotiation
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Not bad...

by GodOfThunder39 In reply to Auto-Negotiation

Nice thinking. That actually gets them to ping each other, however there are a bunch of time outs.
I actually use the laptop to remote onto the desktop using PC Anywhere, and have the speed/duplexing at 10/Half for both machines when running as normal. (It is a long story as to why and I'm not even sure of the real answer) PC Anywhere doesn't seem to want to connect with the 100/Full.

So, with those results, is there anything else you guys might suggest? It looks like this might just be a strange quirk I'll have to live with.

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If you boot them up at separate times

by NetMan1958 In reply to Not bad...

instead of at the same time, does everything work OK? i.e. do you still get dropped pings, timeouts, etc. ?

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dropped pings

by GodOfThunder39 In reply to If you boot them up at se ...

With the Duplex at 100/Full, I get dropped pings regardless of when they are turned on, but they do ping at 100/Full when they are turned on at the same time.
The only time I don't get dropped pings is at 10/Half, which is when it works fine... except for when they are turned on at the same time.

This is an odd problem...

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Have you tested

by NetMan1958 In reply to dropped pings

that cross-over cable with a cable tester by any chance? Or tried using a switch/hub and 2 regular cables to connect the 2 computers?

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