Why doesn't third party cables work on the Apple ipod

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Why does third party cables work when I connect my ipod touch with my computer via usb port? The cable that came with my ipod touch the only cable that will work?

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Yes, its the only cable that will work

by Slayer_ In reply to Why doesn't third party c ...

Its all part of the Apple lock in. You have to be all Apple or no apple.

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It's because Apple revised the cable standards

by robo_dev In reply to Why doesn't third party c ...

and told nobody about it.

And even better, they changed the firmware of some devices to drop support for the old standard. IOS 4 on the iPhone caused lots of automobile iPhone interface kits to suddenly stop working (such as mine). So I had a nice Griffin TuneFlex Aux which is now useless, as iPhone music would not play on my stereo anymore. So I had to shell out $50 for a new Griffin TuneFlex Aux.
To answer your connection, specifically:

"Originally, the Apple dock connector carried USB, FireWire, some controls and line-level audio outputs. As the iPod evolved, so did the signals in the dock connector. Video was added to the connector. FireWire was phased out of the iPods, which led to a discontinuity in usage of the dock connector. Older implementations of the dock connector may have been using the FireWire power pin to supply power, and cannot charge later iPods and iPhones or the iPad, requiring an after market adapter to allow charging."

Thus there are at least four or five different pinouts of iPhone/iPod dock cables out there. If you have a third party cable, it may be an older version, so it's not the same.

You would think there would be some standards, or even some markings on the cable to specify how it's pinned-out, but nooooooooo, that would not be very apple-like.

You just have to buy zee apple product and you vil like zee apple product.

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