Why doesn't Win 7 allow WORD to launch?

By olaf ·
I have a new Win 7 system with two SSDs. When I try to start WORD, EXCEL or Adobe reader the system goes into a hard loop. I can't log off, restrat or shut down from START options. Have to do hdwr reset.

Any ideas?

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Request for Clarification

by pfeiffep In reply to Clarifications

Other programs working correctly?

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Try re-installing the programs affected.

May need to remove them first via Add/Remove. You might also want
to scan for malware just in case, prior to re-installing the applications.

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Well this isn't normal

by OH Smeg In reply to Why doesn't Win 7 allow W ...

Unless you are using a very old version of Word and so on.

So what version of Office are you trying to use here and which version of Adobe is involved?

Also which version of 7 is it 32 or 64 Bit?

I don't have any problems running Office 2003 with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit on several different systems and 1 32 Bit System loaded with W7 Pro.

Also what AV product are you using here to stop infections?

Do you have any Malware Scanner loaded also?

Have you scanned the system for infections in Safe Mode?


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Problem Solved!

by olaf In reply to Why doesn't Win 7 allow W ...

First, the system is 64 bit Win 7 on AMD Phenom II Quad 4; problem was with MS Office 2010 components. The system is brand new. I intentionally didn't put any AV or malware software on yet just in case I ran into problems. On of the first things folks say to do when diagnosing problems is to take of such software. (I use NOD32 on my other systems and I'll be instaling it on this one too.)

I started in safe mode to see if the problem recurred. It did, in a slightly different form. This time I got an error message saying the licesnse couldn't be verified.

As part of my experimentation I tried to activate the product - bingo! The folks who had put the stuff together for me hadn't done that although they had told me all updates had been applied. True for Win 7; obviously not true for MS Office. On doing updates there were a large number, including SP1 for MS Office.

You'd think MS might have been able to provide some clues by way of error messages in normal mode. You'd think MS message in safe mode might have been clearer such as "activate the product". You'd think folks would test the system before delivery. You'd think I'd have been better off installing all the software myself rather than leaving it to the shop that sold me the system.

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Well firstly the Owner is supposed to Activate the M$ Product

by OH Smeg In reply to Why doesn't Win 7 allow W ...

Also after it's installed you have 30 days to Activate it before it stops working.

If the shop was to Activate the Product including Windows just how would the Owner Accept the License Agreement? That's very important because it's a Legally Binding Agreement between M$ and the Owner of the computer. If the shop Activated the product the user/owner could quite rightly say that they didn't agree to the End User Agreement and then things get nasty.

Also where you told all Windows Updates where applied or all Updates where applied. With Office you have to opt into the Auto Update Process where as with Windows it's sort of necessary to get it to work part way right.


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