Why don't I get 'discussions' emails any more?

By Absolutely ·
I still get the tech news I've subscribed to, but not notices about the off-topic Discussions. And I make sure the box is checked before I hit submit, on topics I want to follow. But I haven't gotten any of those emails about new posts to my discussions since about the time of the most recent updates to the page designs. I'm going to check the box on this one, too: "Notify me by e-mail when new posts are added to this thread."

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Lets Check it out

by Michael Jay In reply to Why don't I get 'discussi ...

Here is a reply, should generate an email.

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Here is my reply

by juan.sifuentes In reply to Why don't I get 'discussi ...

Did you get an e-mail?

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Similar issue

by Tig2 In reply to Why don't I get 'discussi ...

And oddly, I think it is a TR mis-direction thing. For awhile I thought it was my mail system but I receive other email from other sources. That doesn't rule out the problem being on my end but makes it less likely. I've only recently started getting my newsletters again.

Let me know if you receive an email update on this. If you do not, I would bring it to Smorty or Beth's attention.

Edit- typo

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Absolutely Not Working

by Michael Jay In reply to Why don't I get 'discussi ...

Checked the box and subscribed to this thread, no emails.

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Hey Absolutely!

by Tig2 In reply to Why don't I get 'discussi ...

As you are the owner of the question, could I talk you into adding "feedback" to the tags? It will make it easier for the TR PTB to find the question and hopefully find/fix the problem.


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Great idea!

by Absolutely In reply to Hey Absolutely!

I edited the post & typed the word 'feedback' but I won't be surprised if I need to start a new thread and select a 'site feedback' checkbox. Either way, thanks guys, it's good to eliminate the possibility that I need to change something in my Profile or Account, etc.

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You're fine- something at TR is hosed

by Tig2 In reply to Great idea!

Adding "feedback" does help the PTB in finding these kinds of things. Just in case, another peer and I did a quick email check- the system is working, just not the way it should.

I have an email started to Beth on the problem as it may also be impacting newsletter subscriptions. I noticed that subscribing to my own wedding thread did not generate an email- even when I was the one posting. Grrrr!

Good to know that I am not the only one with the problem. Now we can toss it to TR.

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Thread dead - killed by original poster.

by Absolutely In reply to You're fine- something at ...

I started another, called '"Notify me via e-mail when new posts are added to this thread" doesn't work.'

The new one is correctly filed under 'feedback' not 'off-topic'.

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