Why don't I see "Boot from CD" drive after I press F8?

By flashheat ·
Is it possible that the system doesn't see the cd/dvd drive because the hard drives are hooked up via raid cables, and the cd/dvd is hooked up with the old cable select style cable?

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To boot from CD you have to enter the BIOS.

by Ron K. In reply to Why don't I see "Boot fro ...

If you're looking at the F8 boot options your computer has essentially already booted. <br>
When your computer first starts there is often white text on a black background that shows the key to press to enter the BIOS. It varies by the BIOS manufacturer. My BIOS key is the Home key. Sometimes you can't see what key to press to enter the BIOS. There should be a manual for your computer, online, if it's from a major manufacturer.<br>
Once you're in the BIOS you can change the boot order putting the CD ahead of the hard drive. My computer is set to boot from CD. If there isn't a bootable CD in the drive it simply boots to Windows.<br>
Pressing the F8 key simply gives you options for troubleshooting Windows problems that aren't available if you boot directly into your complete Windows installation.

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You might if you press F6 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why don't I see "Boot fro ...

That will take you into a page that offers options within the system boot sequence, however this all depends on how modern your system and motherboard/BIOS are.

Otherwise, as Ron K suggested, enter the BIOS and make the optical drive the first entry in the system boot sequence.

Once the DC/DVD drive has priority in the boot sequence, you will find that if you boot WITH a disc already in the optical drive, a legend will appear in the top left-hand corner saying "Press any key to boot from CD...".

This message will time out after 5 seconds if the keyboard remains untouched. The message will NOT appear if the optical drive is empty.

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