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why dont my pc work

By dink2 ·
we had the breaker **** that the computer was plugged into and ever since the fartherst it loads is to right before the windows loading screen pops up. any and all help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Where to start?

by TheChas In reply to why dont my pc work

Well, the most likely possibility is that you have a corrupt or damaged hard drive.

If the drive is just corrupt, performing a repair installation of Windows should correct the problem.

If the drive has any kind of hard failure, you will want to replace the hard drive.

Either way, your data and files on the drive may be lost. If you have critical data on the drive you may need to send the drive to a recovery service to get your files back.
The less that you do to the drive before sending it in for recovery, the less it will cost to recover the files.

If it is not the hard drive itself, then it could be the motherboard or at least the drive control circuits on the motherboard.

While possible, the CPU and RAM would be low on my list of suspects.


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how do i check it

by dink2 In reply to Where to start?

i have no disc it was all built in to the computer i should be able to hit f11 when i turn it on to restore but it wont let me.

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Try F10 { NT }

by IC-IT In reply to how do i check it


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by dink2 In reply to Try F10 { NT }

what will f10 do

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Make and Model

by TheChas In reply to why

Different brands of computers use different function keys for the restore or recover function.

If you let us know the make and model of your system we can go through the available documentation and verify what your recovery options are.

Of course, if you do have a hardware failure and the recovery partition is only on the hard drive, it will not work.

Your best option may be to take the system to a local repair shop and have them check it over for you. Depending on how old this system is, you might want to buy a new system and have the shop just recover your files for you.


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by dink2 In reply to Make and Model

compaq model # sr5703wm
product # nc783aa#aba

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by IC-IT In reply to why dont my pc work

on theChas' remarks;
If you have an install CD, boot with that and choose the first R for Repair options. This will load the Recovery Console.
Once it is loaded run
chkdsk /R

If it finds and repairs one or more errors, run it again.

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HP Compaq Support Page

by TheChas In reply to why dont my pc work

This HP support page tells how you can access the recovery partition when booting up the system.

Note that this will ONLY work if your hard drive is not damaged and the hard drive controller on the motherboard functions properly.

Do not press and hold the F11 key, press and release it repeatedly while the computer is booting up.

WARNING: Some of the recovery options format your hard drive. You will loose your personal files and all software that you installed.

The above stated, I still suspect that you have a hardware failure and your best option is to take your system to a repair shop if you have files on the hard drive that you need recovered.

If you do not need to recover files, you can try buying a new hard drive and ordering the recovery disk set from HP.

To limit the risk of any future damage of this type, plug your PC into a surge protected UPS system.


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