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Why don't PCs have air filters?

By robo_dev ·
A friend gave me a fairly new Dell system, a dual-core system with a failed video adapter.

He said it sometimes acted flaky, and once I opened the case, I understood why.

Inside was more dust than I'd seen in a PC in a long time.

All the fans were caked with dust, the processor heat sink looked like some gray stuffed animal, and the cooling fan for the video card had died, and appeared to a have got stuck in dust (explaining the failed video adapter).

While obviously my friend must have some dust issues at home, why don't PC makers build a spot for make a simple disposable air filter on the case, and have a single air intake?

How many times have you had to vacuum out a PC and **** the dust off the fan-blades?

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All the ones I build do

by TonytheTiger In reply to Why don't PCs have air fi ...

You can make a "sock" out of A/C filter foam. Cut a piece the same size as all sides except the bottom. Sew together. slit where required.

Another tip. Tape up floppy and CD drives on the inside so air can't flow through them. No air, no dust.

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Although Expensive

by Jasonjb1222 In reply to All the ones I build do

Although Expensive, Boxx Technologies, the machines we use here in the office, DO add an air filter to the front of the machines. Although easier to clean, remove front grill, remove filter, go outside and use compressed air, dust (maybe not as much) gets inside. Also, the air filter gets really really clogged and prevents (in my opinion) a proper air flow through the machine, unless taken care of often. Same as needing to open the machine up and **** out the dust. Of course, a cold room, without carpet and away from people (most of dust is human skin) is probably the best solution...

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So I guess you would need an app to tell you when the filter needed service

by robo_dev In reply to Although Expensive
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Single air intake

by NexS In reply to Why don't PCs have air fi ...

Because you have certain Spanners of people who decide it's better to pull the side of the computer's case off.

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I don't know why PCs don't have air filters, but they should

by AV . In reply to Why don't PCs have air fi ...

I think all the dust inside PCs is just toxic and personally, as a tech, I don't want to be exposed to it. Unfortunately, its a hazard of the job and no manufacturer has really addressed it.

Most users I encounter onsite never clean the area around their CPU and neither do the cleaning people. Thats a bad thing and it really is time for computer manufacturers to prevent the dust bunnies from moving in.


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If they did

by NexS In reply to I don't know why PCs don' ...

Then automotive idiots, like myself, wouldn't know how to change one.

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