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Why don't your pages display right in firefox

By paul.froehle ·
Most of your discussion pages do not render properly in firefox. Have you looked into this or do you only support Microsoft.

It does work in an ie tab in firefox

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Maybe it's an extension issue.

by apotheon In reply to Why don't your pages disp ...

You might have an extension that's interfering with the ability of Firefox to render TR pages properly. I'm using Firefox (on Debian GNU/Linux Etch/Testing), and TR works fine for me.

Is it possible that you've installed a new extension that might be interfering, or that an old extension isn't completely compatible with the Firefox version you're using, or that you've changed some setting in the View menu that might be screwing with things (such as page style or encoding)? I've even tried checking TR in Firefox with Javascript disabled, and all the difference it made was to eliminate some of the annoying ads. Discussions worked just fine.

I haven't tested on Windows, of course.

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I'm currently using Win Xtr Poor and FF

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Maybe it's an extension i ...

and it shows perfectly, not as good when I boot into SimplyMEPIS and view it, but that's life.

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Must be your installation

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Why don't your pages disp ...

I havea basic Firefox installation, not plug ins or themes, and it displays perfectly for me. It could be a security setting or something you've set.

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It Must Be your system / setup

by TheChas In reply to Why don't your pages disp ...

I've been using Mozilla and then Firefox as my primary web browser for several years now and have no issue viewing TR pages.

To some extent, TR works better in Firefox than it does in IE.

I do not have the IE tab extension installed. So perhaps that is what is causing your problems.

I have had both browsing and stability issue with several Firefox extensions. This usually is most pronounced just after a major update, and lasts until the authors fix the bugs in their code.


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I agree

by jdclyde In reply to It Must Be your system / ...

Have been on FF since .9 and the only time I have issues is on the "Posts by my contacts" it doesn't keep everything in the frame so the names of the discussions spill over the ad bar on the right.

I do not use IE extentions.

I would uninstall and do a clean install. Something might have gotten pooched as you migrated from one version to the next.

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I agree

by j.lupo In reply to I agree

since switching to firefox the only problem I had was my new laptop using Windows XP makes the font too small. I don't have that problem on any other system not using XP.

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by jdclyde In reply to I agree

increase size of font.

I have never had that problem, and use both XP and 2k.

Are you sure it isn't all in your head?

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probably is all in my head, but

by j.lupo In reply to CTRL +

I use the CTRL + and it doesn't help correctly. All that happens is the words start wrapping. It is as if I have 8pt font only and fixed margins. So, I just do the best I can. :)

Everything else sizes just fine, except on other website I go to which crashes when I try to resize it no matter what I do. I think I have a setting somewhere that I need to adjust. I just haven't found it yet.

No biggie, the enlarge font seems to work for the most part.

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Thanks for the advice

by paul.froehle In reply to Why don't your pages disp ...

It appears to be something in my computer. When I rebooted, the problem went away. I liked the shortcut keys Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to change font size.

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Thanks Paul

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks for the advice

for the update.

I HATE when people get a bunch of advice on a problem and then just go away without letting us know how the issue was resolved. Kind of like reading a murder/mystery and having someone tear out the last three pages.

CTRL + T is one I use all the time to launch a new tab.

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