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Why God?! WHY?!?! Vendor rant....and why I love Open Source

By Ibanezoo ·
This is why Open Source and homebrew machines will reign supreme in the small business... at least if your goal is to save your company some money.

Sorry, I have to vent.

Our backup server dies. No prob, slap in a new hard drive, reload the software. Netvault requires a machine code, and with a reload the machine code changes. Contact support for the updated keys.... No sir, we can't help you unless you cough up a few thousand bucks for your expired support contract. Uhm, no. You sent me codes that were "permenant" and "never expire". Sorry sir, can't help you. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just need replacement keys for something I already paid for!! Oh, ok, then just give us $150 and we will resend them to you....

F that... Be calm, onto the next project.

Snap server having some weird problems with memory and swap space, users not able to connect reliably. Alright, there are some fixes in the new OS so let me download it... No sir! That product is out of support! (? its only been in service for a couple months) Damn! Ok I have a brand new one still in the box, same model. Let me register it an it should have the new server support. No sir! That servers complimentary support has already expired! Cough up even more cash and we will allow you to possibly fix our faulty product... WHAT THE!?

F that... Be calm, onto the next project.

Alright, dead hard drive in the Compaq SQL server. No problem, the RAID picked up the hot spare and we are still running. Lets get this drive replaced. You contract is still good sir! WHEW! However, you need to download this software, shut down your server, do some backflips, jump through some hoops, **** off your users, send us a ton of information to verify you aren't lying to us. Ugh, looks like a Sunday project... hopefully no other drives fail by then.

F that... Be calm, onto the next project.

Good ol' Quark... lets install the latest version in our LightJet department. No sir! Some problems with your licensing! WHAT?! Ok fine, reinstall the old version FIRST and then install the latest. No sir! Problems with your licensing! WHAT?! The license server is up and running... shows available licenses... ugh. Now that I think about it, I don't ever remember anything ever working correctly with Quark licensing as far back as version 3. F it, jobs have to go out... use "magic" to make my legitimately purchased and overpriced software install... Quark installed, now lets try to print... no go. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Damnit!

...and its not even 10am yet...

I think I'm going back to building my own hardware and using more Open Source software. The servers we hand built back in ~2001 don't have these problems. They are old yet still work perfectly (knock on wood). Every issue I've ever had with any Open Source software has been quickly resolved with a Google search. **** even as greedy as Microsoft is, and as crazy as their licensing is, they've always been helpful in fixing any issues we've had, and without any rediculous support contracts.

Bleh... sorry. Had to get it out.

I need a punching bag in my office.........

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Don't forget to breathe

by Tig2 In reply to Why God?! WHY?!?! Vendo ...

Sounds like you are getting two Mondays this week. I say from the bottom of my heart... ICK!!!

I have had days like this one. Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better. And the real culprits in the situation are the corporate users that find it acceptable and continue to use faulty products.

Until, of course, productivity takes a hit and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

Buck up- most of us know the trouble you've seen and are at least sympathetic. Hang in there!

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by Stephen.Dubos In reply to Why God?! WHY?!?! Vendo ...

What are you doing running an SQl server on a compaq machine?

Sounds like you need to better document what is going on with your licsening, contracts, purchases etc.

At least if u have a hard copy and you know your in the right u can fax it back to the company.

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by Ibanezoo In reply to Issues

The SQL on a Compaq thing was not a decision of our local company, but something that was forced on us by our parent corporation.

We have hardcopies of all of our licensing and contracts... which is why there is so frustration. Bakbone is a very hard headed company to deal with, and I loathe having to call them. When the next round of upgrades go through I doubt we will be giving them any more of our money. And Quark is fairly easy to deal with, but their products and their fear of pirating are horrible.

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SQL on Compaq

by uberg33k50 In reply to Issues

Can you guys tell me what the issue is supposed to be with SQL on a Compaq server? I have MSSQL running on a Compaq for several years and haven't been aware of any problems. I'm not being a jerk I really haven't heard this before and just looking for some help. Thanks.

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Not sure...

by Ibanezoo In reply to SQL on Compaq

...myself, honestly. I just know we always have issues with Compaq hardware. We mostly run IBM, and a couple Dells, and some homebrew stuff.... and truthfully the Compaqs are the only ones that give us grief. I must admit though, we did not set them up or load anything that is on them. They are "preconfigured" from our corporate office and we just put them in the rack and plug them in. I have experienced many failures with the Compaq hardware though. They do send out replacements rather quickly, and their support is pretty good... but the downtime still sucks.

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by uberg33k50 In reply to Not sure...

I have been running Compaqs for about 6 years and haven't had any major issues. I was worried I was missing something. Maybe I've just been lucky. Thanks for replying back on this.

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by warhog73 In reply to Why God?! WHY?!?! Vendo ...

I thought it was pretty cool that you included a positive note on Microsoft when it is in vougue to lay it on them hot, hard & heavy most of the time. I kinda like 'em myself, greed & all. They are a big American company, paying wages to a lot of Americans and I like that for some reason. As for vendors, Symantec is my favorite for bad Karma; I have had more trouble from them than all others combined, but I'm not in the same user group as some of the bigger guns so I don't get to experience the plethora of hard-cased vendors out there. Thankfully. Stay cool, they're not worth a stroke.

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by Ibanezoo In reply to Cool

I'm not a huge fan of Microsofts products, we try to stick to *nix machines as much as possible... so I have not really experienced the licensing troubles people often complain about. We generally call up our corporate approved vendor, tell them how many copies of Office or 2003 Server or CALs we want and they tack it onto our corporate code. When we get audited as long as their number matches our installed number, theres no problem. I don't understand the confusion, but like I said, we don't use it all that much either.

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Religion not related

by diltonm In reply to Why God?! WHY?!?! Vendo ...

Religion is not the source of your troubles so I don't think bringing God's name into it was appropriate.

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You're right . . .

by apotheon In reply to Religion not related

. . . religion isn't related. As such, I'd appreciate it if you kept your Church Lady scolding out of it, and let the poor guy vent in peace.

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