Why have my slave and external hard drives disappeared?

By m.leonard23 ·
I used to have a computer which happily ran Windows XP, with a slave (internal) drive and two external hard drives plus other USB devices (all connected via a hub). Then Windows XP had to be reinstalled. Now I have no slave and no external hard drives - all the other USB devices are working as they should. The only drives showing in My Computer are A:/, C:/, D/: (internal DVD writer) and E (external DVD writer). When I connect either of my external hard drives, nothing happens - no message to say that new hardware has been detected, I mean.

I have disconnected the USB hub, re-booted, then re-connected and added the USB devices one by one. Again, everything works except the external hard drives. Plus I have no internal slave, of course.

I'd like to know if I have one problem or two (ie. is the internal slave hard drive a different problem from the external USB drives), and how can I (with little experience of messing about inside my computer) put my problem(s) right?

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How you only had a

by ComputerCookie In reply to Why have my slave and ext ...

slave internal drive I don't know? This would be an example of an extremeley poor installation.

Your C: drive is your old "slave drive", go to device manager and ensure you have no driver problems related to USB, if you have a Motherboard disc use this to ensure that the correct chipset drivers are installed.

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Why did XP have to be reinstalled? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why have my slave and ext ...

THAT may have a bearing on this, depending on the reason for the reinstall.

How did you perform the reinstall?

Did you completely wipe the hard drive before reinstalling?

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