Why hier people who have never been in a IT environment

By RicciJo ·
I work in a credit union and there is this guy who is 45+ and has no IT experience at all, and i have to show and trained this person on how to do what i know and this person will get a better raise and a better review because i have trained this person, my manager is as clueless as this person because my manager can not even ghost image a computer nor load an windows xp operating system on a computer but he is the one who works on all the servers in the environment, also my manager had no idea that he could add Citrix into a VMWare ESX environment, but you would think a person like him would expecialy when he has been in this field for the past 45years, and also why don't NEW TECHS RESEARCH ISSUES ON THE INTERNET AND WHY DON'T THE SAVE THE SITE THAT DO FIND IN THERE FAVORITES AND WHY DON'T THE PRINT IT AND SAVE IT IN THERE NOTE BOOKS?

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Maybe they can spell :-)

by Churdoo In reply to Why hier people who have ...

There's a lot more to IT than just the tech stuff.

I do agree with the last part of your rant, the part in all caps. Google first, ask second!

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Because people are people not computes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why hier people who have ...

They work and react differently to each other and no two people can be guaranteed to react the same way unlike 2 similar computers are more or less likely to do the same thing under the same circumstances.

The Most important thing about working IT is keeping the customer happy not dictating to the customer how to do things your way because it suits your needs better.

Just remember here another word for Customer is End User they are one and the same thing. You may be the best Tech in the world bar none but once you Pi$$ off the End Users/Customers you are useless and by the sounds of your Rant you have done a excellent job of Pi$$ing people off.

A Great or even moderate Tech isn't decided by their Technical Experience they are Called that by the manner that they deal with people and keep them happy. The biggest part of IT is keeping the End User Happy and the days of the Computer Tech walking out and laying down the law to people is Long Gone and it never existed at all despite what you may have been taught. You have one very big chip on your shoulder and until you loose it in a very big way you will have short employment times at a lot of different companies.

Till you can learn to make the Customer Happy you are on a Hiding to Nothing plain and simple.

The last bit where you are shouting is simple it just wasn't available once and as such these people Do Not Rely on the Internet to answer each and every question. You need top remember that just because you saw something written on a Web Page doesn't make it correct or for that matter even real.

Sure I know that there are some safe sites where you get great information but there are plenty more sites full of rubbish and unless you live on the Net it's impossible to tell the difference. It's much the same as College Students if it ain't in the Text Book it ain't right so we ignore it.


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