Why HP G61 Laptop Screen Blinks?

By dinkey ·
I have an HP G61 Laptop it boots up just fine has no trouble. But if I'm using it for 3-4 hours the screen starts to blink. I reinstalled the video drivers it still blinks. I hooked it up to an external monitor the external does not blink does this mean I will need to change the screen? Or could it just be a cable? Any ideas thank you for your help.

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Several things might cause this...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Why HP G61 Laptop Screen ...

You are correct in one possibility. Probably even likely when considering your troubleshooting efforts. Aside from the fact that the symptoms failed to present when attached to an external monitor, my first suspect would have been perhaps malware or something similar sucking up resources to the extent that available video memory was running short.
The main reason for my post here is just in a word of caution regarding that particular screen if it happens to be one of the 16" G61 models. If so, be aware that this 16" screen has been discontinued and as a result of its EOL, replacement cost for the screen alone runs in excess of $200.00. So just FYI, approach with care and good luck.

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