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Why I cant connect to Remote Desktop

By jerlson ·
Hi Im trying to troubleshoot an issue regarding Remote Desktop Connection on Windows XP Pro and everytime i connect this message pop-up "The connection to the remote computer was broken. This may have been caused by network error. Please try connecting to the remote computer agian." === I tried recreating user profile it works a few hours after i disconnect from the remote server i cant connect again and i need to recreate a user profile again and again... but if i used Safe Mode i can logon to the remote desktop. I know its not on the server coz i tried my user name on a different pc and it works.. please help me out thanks in advance

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by dror In reply to Why I cant connect to Rem ...

well.. couple of links:
and i suggest you to download ethereal from here: and capture the entire connection with the good profile and then with the one that became to be bad and then just them.. god blase you and america

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by TechyDude In reply to Why I cant connect to Rem ...

I had very weird problem with Remote Desktop as well. and, even though the problem did not point to the server, it ended up actually being the server.

I'm not sure if you're responsible for your DHCP and DNS server, but check the settings on those. Check the DNS Order that is used and issued to DHCP clients, and make sure they all exist.
If your DHCP and DNS server happen to have to NICs on there, make sure that the server identifies itself to DHCP and DNS by its one IP, otherwise, you might have issues.
Sorry I can't be very specific as I can't pin point the problem from the info you provided, but perhaps start looking there, and post if you see someting that looks a little unusual.

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by TechyDude In reply to

The same product key for windows does not affect RDP connections.

If your other workstations are working, then I guess your DNS seems to be ok. however, just to rule this out, try to compare your IP settings on that workstation with all the other workstation, and see if they're same. do an ipconfig /all to see your DNS, WINS, and Default Gateway. make sure that they are the same.

Also, have you taken a look in your system and/or application event log on that workstation to see if anything is showing up?

Let me know how it goes.

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by jerlson In reply to Why I cant connect to Rem ...

Well we do have siemens router and im not the one who control the dhcp and dns but we do have dynamic ip. I tried to gave her a new computer but still the same thing happen after a few hours we couldnt log on to the remote desktop anymore. But our other workstation can still connect with remote desktop with no problem even we use the user name for the workstation that is not working. we have more than 40 workstation you think the same windows product key it would affect the remote desktop? coz all of the workstation can connect to remote except that workstation and even i change with a new pc but still the same windows xp pro product key maybe that cause the problem?

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by ed In reply to Why I cant connect to Rem ...

i have the same problem but xp to xp does not work .. but win 2k to xp works.. it only just started to play up...

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