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Why I can't wait for the new iPhone to be launched..

By TechGuy79 ·
One year back, I made an (unfortunate) decision to switch from Apple iphone to something new. I switched because I was primarily bored with same old Apple iOS and user interface. I had been using Apple iPhone since 2008 and saw nothing new that excited me to stick with Apple at that time. I decided to switch to try new things and I regret that decision till-date.

At that time, I did not want to go to Android ecosystem, since the handsets offered (at that time) were nothing extraordinary.

Just when I was researching, the folks at Microsoft and Nokia came with a new phone (LUmia 900). They did some excellent marketing and very good promotions. I gave in finally, and decided to buy the Lumia 900 phone. Soon after I got that phone, I realized the shortcomings with the phone and the ecosystem in general. There is a long list of shortcomings that I can identify with both hardware as well as software. By the time I realized all of these things, I was locked into a contract and could not really change the phone.

I am just looking forward to the day, I will be eligible to upgrade my phone again and this time, I will just go with iPhone. I would just take a boring non-glamorous smartphone that works (like Apple iPhone), as compared to something that is faulty and not completely developed (like Microsoft phones are). Maybe, new Nokia Lumia 920 is better than 900, but still I will not go back to Microsoft ecosystem.

If you are in the same or similar situation, let me know your thoughts below.

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