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Why I Hate (secular) Christmas

By DMambo ·
For the first 90% of the book, the Grinch had it right! Christmas is nothing more than a pain in my a$$.

Here are some of my reasons, feel free to add your own:

1) I am cheap. Not just frugal, not just slightly tight, I mean cheap. And Christmas just means spending money.

2)Everyone is so damn jolly. If they meant it, I could ignore it, but when it's so obviously contrived, it makes me want to strangle people.

3) Expectations are so high, results are so bad. I do a crummy job of selecting gifts and the recipients are always disappointed. For anything I get, I would always choose somethng else.

4) It's too "over the top". The big inflatable lawn decorations make me want to puke.

5) It's so incredibly wasteful. Food, money, gifts, gasoline, it all gets spent like there's nothing better to do with it. I'd rather my mother-in-law contribute to her favorite charity than give me another sweater.

6) Crowds. I hate 'em.

7) Christmas songs on the radio. 'Nuff said.

Drunk drivers. I hope they all get busted before they kill anyone.

I'm truly looking forward to when I'm in my 70's and people will excuse me for being curmugeonly. Until then, keep your tinsel out of my face.

Whew, I feel better already.

(Editor's note - My wife dragged me out Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm still winding down. Sorry!)

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I don't recall

by maecuff In reply to Why I Hate (secular) Chri ...

taking you out shopping yesterday. Because if you AREN'T my husband, y'all were separated at birth..

I've even shortened curmudgeon and simply call my husband mudge. Here's a tip. Drink. It makes everything a bit more merry.

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Merry X-mas

by mjd420nova In reply to Why I Hate (secular) Chri ...

If you don't believe, you needn't participate,
we all make of it what we want, be it in our
homes or at our jobs. Some must be jovial or
the paychecks stops, and the wife refuses your
advances. Take your pick or make no choice,
it doesn't matter to me. Giving is to me what
makes me a better person, and I really enjoy
the smiles and laughs I get, How much simpler can it be. And it need not be confined to a
specific holiday or season. I can't believe anyone would subject themselves to self
flagelation except to make others happy...
But then that's the whole idea RIGHT???

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What planet did you come from?

by maecuff In reply to Merry X-mas

Christmas is about spending money you don't have, fighting with your dysfunctional family, disappointing your children because you won't get them EXACTLY what they want. And a vile subtance called eggnog.

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Right On! and don't forget the birth

by Dr Dij In reply to What planet did you come ...

it celebrates:
either Santa, or possibly 'X' (probably not Malcom-X, he was a bit gloomy).

or maybe 'crass commercialism' and "stupid 8' bubble displays" as you mentioned,
or the birth of demanding consumerism in your kids. One was stolen out here. the family took down their whole x-mas display because of thieves.

seriously, I'm totally non-religious but the lights 'un-gloomify' (I'm copying the president and making up words now) the dreary cold dark days of mid-winter.

and if you're the recipient of a present is nice too. even sending out cards is a nice thing to do, regardless of the mass of X.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Right On! and don't forge ...

was how I heard him say it.

The US tradition of lighting up the outside of your house is catching on with a few people over here. Last year there were traffic jams around one or two particularly over-the-top efforts with sightseers coming from miles around.

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Not surprised

by Dr Dij In reply to unglooomificate

as I think of England as so foggy, rainy and cold, gloomy in winter. However I also think of England as more 'real' and less 'schlock' so I hope it doesn't overwhelm all the pretty historic buildings.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to unglooomificate

Not to mention it allows the burglars to see better what they're stealing.

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by jdclyde In reply to What planet did you come ...

The boys and I have been waiting for it to come back to the markets.

We consume mass quantities!

If you don't like, try some Captain Morgans and a touch of nutmeg! Mmmmmmm!

I just divorced myself from all the dysfunctional family I had, so it will truely be a Merry Christmas!

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I knew there was something

by maecuff In reply to EGGNOG!

just not quite right with you. Eggnog is foul. Captain Morgans is fine, but I'd rather just have that straight, why bring eggnog in? In fact, it makes me queasy just thinking about it.

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Eggnog is the best drink ever

by jmgarvin In reply to I knew there was somethin ...

Buy the eggnog and get it REALLY cold. Insert 3 parts rum to 1 part eggnog...


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