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Why I Love Linux

By tpotter ·
Technical support people never tell me to reinstall the OS in order to fix a problem.

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by Black Panther In reply to Why I Love Linux

Using all different flavours of UNIX for now over 15 years never had to re-install or hardly ever had to re-boot ( unlike Windows Control-Alt-Delete ) to fix a problem!

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Windoze, Linux now 2nd for Os AND software sales.

by Oz_Media In reply to Why I Love Linux

Should have been named 'reboot 98' (referring to how many times perday it needed rebooting.

2000 I will give a break, it rarely crashes but was not designed for home users.

ME-Well what a piece of work THAT was, let's get home users away from 2K and we will release ME-moron's edition, hey I know a guy that actually bought a copy!

Still trying to replace 2000, let's strip everything useful out of it and call it XP! Xtra Processig needed for this one, good way to sell RAM and Processors. Practically nobody can upgrade without buy a new computer!

ow I am not a RedHatter but I am a Novell Network Admin for a couple of clients. Yes I can say SUSE and XIMIAN. XD2 and SUSE Desktops is just the sweetst thing!

Well, germany' sgovernment is now Linux based (Novell Ximian)the Netherlands has just deployed Novell with SUSE for thier govermment. Several MAJOR banking institutions in Europe have also adopted Novell Linux!!

The stats shown on TV last night were that Linux now holds 2nd place to Microsoft (passing MAC) for not only desktop use but in SOFTWARE SALES TOO!! Software sales is Microsoft's stringest market, they've been losing much of the server market for years, but software keeps them in the lead. Well, times are changing and i think Linux just looks better each day, which reminds me, I'll have to reboot my SUSE box soon just to remember how to do it! the button with the green light in it, right?

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Never had a virus, never had a registry problem

by f-626541 In reply to Why I Love Linux

The security in Linux is intrinsically superior to MS-Windows. I wrote a web page on the subject:
I have a machine at work that runs Windows/2000. It is infected with sasser; but the support people don't have a signature for the virus so they don't know what files are infected or how to clean it other than reimage it. But if one of my executables is infected, when I restore from backup, then it will reinfect the machine.

The registry is a disaster. I can't imagine a failure scenario that would make a linux machine unbootable - well, I suppose you could delete /boot or screw up the partition table, but my point is that you have to really work at it. Not so MS-Windows - editing the registry and changing the wrong key will make your machine unbootable.

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