Why I should pay more for RAM designed for my PC

By f-4876275 ·
Hi, I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 currently equiped with 2x256 Mo DDR2 400Mhz Memory module.

I want to purchase 2 Go additionnal memory. I found on Dell's site two Kingston part#.
1- KTD-DM8400A/1G @ 79.99$ each
2- KTD-DM8400/1G @ 55.99$ each

on a local dealer website, I found same memory module
1- KTD-DM8400A/1G @ 45$ each
2- KTD-DM8400/1G @ 65$ each
(yes 400Mhz is more expensive than 533Mhz)

Now, @ 55$, I can have KVR400D2N3K2/2G at same dealer. It is a kit of two 1Gb Memory module.

I see specs and don't find difference between specs of KTD-DM8400/1G and KVR400D2N3K2/2G exept KVR... is not designed for my Dell. Why pay 130$ (2x65$) to have memory designed for my Dell if I can have generic memory upgrade for 55$ ???? Will non Dell specific RAM affect my system stability?

Memory Guru, I thanks you in advance.

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by scott_heath In reply to Why I should pay more for ...

I have NEVER bought the RAM designated for my system. As long as the type and speed match you should be just fine. The only consideration may be warranty, but based on your model number I am guessing warranty ran out a while back anyway.

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Well Dell needs the money :^0

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why I should pay more for ...

Absolutely no reason to pay an extra amount to Dell for something that you can buy cheaper elsewhere.

However I would suggest checking with the RAM Maker for suitable product for your computer so as Kingston has their own Web Site here


Check out what they recommend for your system you may find that you can use the faster stuff without a problem and save yourself even more money.


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Both are from Kingston

by f-4876275 In reply to Well Dell needs the money ...

Yes, but two model I give in my first post are from Kingston and boths sell at non-Dell local dealer

Kingston produce memory specially designed for Dell, HP and other, but, I don't know why, ask more money than standard RAM.

I ear that my Dell may not see memory exept one designed for my Dell! It ia an urban legend?

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Urban legend indeed!

by scott_heath In reply to Both are from Kingston

I have a Dell and Compaq and I have bought Corsair and G.Skill memeory and have had no issues. The memory is not "certified", but as long as the memory is decent (no no-name generic crap) you'll be fine. Use CPU-Z if you want to see what speed your memory is currently running at and just match it.

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by seanferd In reply to Urban legend indeed!

Dell will outright lie to you over the phone if you ask them if you can get memory for their machines elsewhere. I know several people who have purchased RAM for their Dell machines from other vendors, some not even the same brand. Don't hand over more of your hard-earned cash than you have to!

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Well sort of a Urban Legion

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Both are from Kingston

With DDR RAM it is possible to get a stick that fits but doesn't work so you need to get RAM that is approved or claimed to work with your system.

To that end the RAM Makers put out lists of what they insist or have tested as Working with what systems so if you follow their advice you will not go far wrong. That way you are sure that you will get something that works with your system and not have any problems.

If you work with this stuff you know what you can and can't use and just buy what is needed. Both Kingston & Corsair are good RAM Makers and from that point on it falls down to Personal Preference and ease of access. From the Access Point of view Corsair is more freely available so I use that all the time.


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Depends on the user as well

by jdclyde In reply to Well sort of a Urban Legi ...

If I am just pointing someone to get memory, I will always send them to Kingston because they will walk you by the hand and say "tell me your computer, ok, you can use THIS memory, and can get it here, here, or here.".

The end user doesn't need to know about specs at all then.

As for the vendor approved lists, they HAVE taking the time to test, and anytime you stray from the list, you are taking a chance. Not a good thing for people that don't know, and unlike the OP, are afraid to ask.

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True JD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Depends on the user as we ...

My main problem is that I don't visit Retail Stores for Computer Equipment ever. I stick with the Wholesalers on all but the very rare occasion like I drive 100 miles and find that the new one & only mouse that I have brought with me doesn't work. This doesn't happen often so I haven't been into a Retail Outlet for a very long time except my own place of course but that doesn't count does it?


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Value RAM versus regular RAM

by JamesRL In reply to Why I should pay more for ...

To get the absolute best speed out of your system, you have to be concerned with RAM timings. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=6859

That gives you a better explanation than I can.

The regular Kingston RAM that you get from the configurator is specific to your system and will give you the best speed because the timings match.

Chose the Kingston Value RAM (KVR) and you will not necessarily get the timings matched to your system. Thats not to say they won't work, but you may or may not get some latency issues.

Personally, if you are using a mainstream MB and you have no intention of overclocking, buy the Value RAM. I have an exotic MB with Dual Rank Dual Channel ECC, so I will be buying regular Kingston, and its twice the price of Value RAM, but I will pay it to ensure stability.


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DEL Memory

by belay In reply to Why I should pay more for ...

Dear All,
I have just upgraded my Dell Dimension 3100 desk-top with 2GB memory from Crucial as below
Qty: 2 CT479414
Part number: CT12864AA53E
Price: ?10.99 (EX. VAT)
Description: 1GB, 240-pin DIMM Upgrade for a Dell Dimension 3100 System
Line total: ?21.98 (EX. VAT)

First class orderhandling and delivery.
Try this.
B Yorke

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