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Why I stopped browsing TechRepublic 10 months ago

By esa_batm ·
I'm working on a book - wanted to get TechRepublic response on the following. Since I can't figure out how to contact them, and it turns out I still have an account, I'll just leave it here like a big pre-coprolite. Enjoy your self-righteous sputtering.

"If you see idiots on the net, just ignore them. I guarantee it's better for you than trying to respond to them. Want examples? Go to and look at the people posting on the Miscellaneous forum. Then go out and look at their comments on the other forums. I was on that site for technical info, but I let myself get drawn into clashes with these jackasses. Now I won't even browse the site because you can't avoid seeing the smug, insulting, titles these self-appointed experts place on their comments. One of the more prolific, going by his screen name, apparently thinks he's a major Australia media company, but he's really some poser in Canada - his main claim to fame is he has the most posts of anybody on TechRepublic. He even posted about how great it was to hit 10,000 and encouraged others to keep it up and they can hit 10,000 as well.

As we now know, around 40% of the people in the US alone are stupider than a mule, since you can get a mule's attention if you hit it over the head with a 2x4. If you project that out, then 40% of the people would be just as stupid on the other end of the political spectrum, so altogehter it's 80%. Yikes!!! What's really scary is that it holds true to the 80/20 rule. Now I admit that the US average is probably higher than the world overall, but it's a pretty good indicator of how many stupid people are out there ready to expose you to their specialty. Just avoid them and their negativity and you'll be a lot happier."

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Well I can practically guarantee

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Oz's current number of posts will go up by at least one.

You may even fetch 'Dawg out of his kitchen.

Still that's what you wanted isn't it ?

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Just be grateful Tony

by jdclyde In reply to Well I can practically gu ...

The Ausies are getting blamed for him instead of the Brits. There is one you dodged!

note, it seemed about a week or two ago someone was here making that same claim about confusing the "Oz" with a location instead of the goofy man behind the curtain? B-)

I doubt if this will get a rise out of him though. One like this I see him doing exactly what the poster says, and not bothering. A slow pitch is boring, ya know?

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I checked back and I was involved in some of the same discussions

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Just be grateful Tony

One of them was tips for TR, needless to say, this person failed to comprehend thend them, if he even bothered to read it at all.

"Ignoring people who have nothing to say" was his best contribution, lots of examples.

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I think you know the answer to your question.

by apotheon In reply to Well I can practically gu ...

"Still that's what you wanted isn't it ?"
Isn't that what a troll always wants?

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Truly a Vast Amount of Idiocy

by gsquared In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

I'm refering, of course, to the post I'm replying to.

The transformation from 40% to 80% is some of the best, purest, most powerful idiocy and inept math I've ever seen! (Not to mention that the whole paragraph really makes no sense at all.)

So, well done. You've managed to make yourself look even more stupid than the very people you wish to complain about. Woot! Grats! WTG!

(Why the heck am I responding to an inarticulate troll who's merely trying to boost his own ego by garnering self-congratulation? Sometimes, I have to wonder about myself.)

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It truly amazes me

by Tig2 In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

That there are those who would judge the entirety of Tech Republic without taking the time to understand what it really means or what the people mean to each other.

While I have gotten some great technical information from my peers on this site, I have also had the rare opportunity to strengthen my textual communication skills. When you consider the vast amount of time we spend daily in purely textual conversation- via email and IM- you become aware of how essential it is that you be able to make a valid point without the verbal clues that we are all so dependent on. Through communicating with my peers in both the US and other countries, I have improved my ability to clearly make a point.

Within this group too are many who I have come to consider a friend. Their support during some very difficult times meant the world to me. I treasure those memories. They also were there in support through one of the most difficult challenges I have ever set for myself- walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days to raise awareness and money for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. People supported me through positive email, changing their avatars to pink ribbons, and posting to the appropriate thread with information as they heard it.

I will grant that there are some that make the board a difficult place sometimes. Like any public forum, we get our share of flamers and trolls. Still the community holds together and supports one another.

I am sorry that the originator of the message has such a negative view of a really good group of people. In my experience, however, it may be that the originator may have him/herself to blame as well.

If you want to reach the PTB, go to the bottom of any page. You will find a comment link. My experience with the PTB is that they are willing to listen and provide feedback as requested.

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He may just be pissed over the beating he took in another discussion.

by deepsand In reply to It truly amazes me

In bullying and discrimination and harassment in forums, at ,
he entered that thread with nothing but flames, and found himself anatomically altered, metaphorically speaking.

This from one whose Profile is as empty as can be, who does not accept peer messages, who has started no discussion other than this, who has neither asked nor answered any Questions, and has no contacts, one whose sole participation has been that of attacking others.

And he wonders why he's unloved!

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no kidding

by apotheon In reply to It truly amazes me

"Like any public forum, we get our share of flamers and trolls."
. . . like esa_batm.

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yet more proof that

by mjwx In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

80% of the idiocy belongs to 10% of the people.

It really is a bit short sighted the "oz" has only one meaning. Also very short sighted is the fact that there are more sections than just the miscellaneous (now called "off topic") section.

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So, presumable you're trying to reach the other 20%?

by deepsand In reply to Why I stopped browsing Te ...

Setting aside that fact that your math is wholly incomprehensible, why are you even making the effort, unless it is to try to annoy the very people that you feel are beneath you?

How very mature.

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